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Wastewater disposal

Other types of wastewater, like greywater and wastewater from mobile homes and caravans, can be disposed of by other methods. 

Greywater recycling

Greywater is the water used for personal hygiene, including wastewater from the bath, shower, hand basin, washing machine and laundry tub etc. A greywater recycling system collects this water and uses it for watering the garden or flushing toilets.

Greywater doesn’t include wastewater from toilets, kitchen waste disposal units and commercial laundry wastes. This is called black water and must be discharged to a wastewater system. Greywater recycling is mainly done in rural areas where no mains wastewater or water supply systems are available. However, there is growing interest in greywater recycling in urban areas as a water saving and sustainable water use option. 

If you want to recycle your domestic greywater, what you need to do depends on whether you’ll be using it for watering the garden and/or flushing the toilets. A greywater system needs to be in accordance with Bay of Plenty Regional Council rules. If you want to install a greywater recycling system you need a building consent from Council. Installation must be done by a registered plumber and comply with the NZ Building Code.

Gully traps

Wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry is piped to a gully trap before emptying into the wastewater system. A gully trap is a basin in the ground with a water seal to prevent wastewater odours reaching the surface. The top or surround is raised above ground level to prevent groundwater, surface water and other foreign matter entering the wastewater system.

Gully traps are not meant for rain water. During heavy rain a sudden increase in water flowing into the wastewater system through gully traps can cause problems at the wastewater treatment plant and overflows at other places. The Building Code details the specifications for gully traps. 

Mobile homes and caravans

Caravan or mobile home wastewater can be disposed of at three non-camping facilities in Tauranga.

  • Z Service Station Hewletts Road.
  • Maleme Street, outside 61 Maleme Street, near the transfer station.
  • 101 Aerodrome Road, Mount Maunganui

The Maleme Street dump station has an automatic flushing system and a manual system. A drinking water tap is also available.

Last Reviewed: 18/08/2020

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