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Water supply

We provide Tauranga residents with constant, sustainable and high-quality water and the Ministry of Health Aa grading confirms that we have some of the best drinking water in New Zealand.

The process starts with collecting water from the natural environment. We do this from two sources – the Tautau and Waiorohi streams. The water at the source is very clean but by the time it passes through several kilometres of land it needs some work before it is suitable for drinking and washing in.

Tauranga uses an average of 42 million litres of water per day and in summer this can rise to 57 million litres per day. We have over 1200km of pipes to carry the water, 18 reservoirs and tanks to hold our supply and over 55,000 water meters to measure how much we use. 

As more people continue to move to Tauranga, our water supply system is now under more pressure than ever before. Water is not an endless resource. Let’s make every drop count. By using water wisely, we save on our water bills, we make sure our city has enough water for everyone and we delay the need for water restrictions.

We’re building a water treatment to help meet the future supply needs of Tauranga and the wider Western Bay of Plenty. The Waiāri Water Supply Scheme involves developing a new water supply intake from the Waiāri Stream, a water processing plant in No.1 Road, Te Puke and an underground water pipeline from the plant to Papamoa.

Read more about the Waiāri Water Supply Scheme

Last Reviewed: 12/08/2021

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