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Water leak information

Tauranga City Council is responsible for all of the water pipes that lead up to your water meter. We call this the ‘point of supply’.

We are not responsible for any of the pipes that are on private property.

Your responsibility starts on your property’s side of the water meter, even if the meter is a small distance outside your boundary. If there is a problem with the water pipe on your property’s side of the water meter then it is up to you to fix it.

Who’s responsible for fixing a water leak on my property?

You are responsible for all of the water pipes and therefore water leaks on your property. If a water meter is faulty then Council will fix or replace the meter.

You may be eligible for a water rates remission if you've had a water leak. Find out more on our Council rates remissions and postponements page.

Who’s responsible for water meters on shared properties?

It is possible that there are two meters that you need to be aware of. There is normally a meter at the roadside boundary, which is the parent meter. This measures all of the water entering the property. If your house is on a shared driveway or if you live in a block of flats then there is probably an additional water meter for each dwelling, these are child meters.

Council is responsible for all of the meters and property owners are responsible for the pipes that connect these meters. If you are in a shared situation and a leak is discovered, then it is up to you to resolve. Multiple property owners will need to come to their own agreement or arrangement for repairs and payment of costs for private pipe work.

Last Reviewed: 09/06/2020

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