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Water meter replacement programme

Tauranga City Council is replacing around 26,000 ageing residential water meters throughout the city as part of a phased programme that runs until 2023. 

Water meters are an essential part of Tauranga’s water network. Your water charges are based on water volumes recorded by the meter serving your property. Over time, these meters wear down and need to be replaced.

Not all residential meters will need to be replaced during this time. Should your meter need replacing, a member of our team will visit your house during business hours. You don’t need to be at home or do anything to prepare, but please keep your meter box free of obstruction so we can access the meter.

The replacement takes around 30 minutes, during which time your water supply will be turned off. Before we carry out any work, we will check whether you’re at home to make sure the timing is convenient.

Once the meter has been installed, we may need to enter your property to flush an outside tap for around five to 10 seconds. If you’re not at home when we visit, we’ll leave a card in your mailbox to let you know the replacement work has been completed. 

Water meters record how much water is used by residents and businesses. Meters slow down and become less accurate as they age. The replacement will improve the accuracy of your water bills.

No, your meter will only need to be replaced when it has met the threshold criteria. It depends on when your meter was last replaced and how much water has been consumed through it.

A Tauranga City Council employee will visit your home should your meter need to be replaced. If the timing of the visit is inconvenient, our staff member will arrange to come back at a time that suits you. 

Possibly. Meters tend to run slower and lose accuracy over time. The new water meter will accurately measure the water that you use so you may see an increase or decrease in your water bill.

If your meter has been replaced, you will receive an invoice showing the “Reason for Reading” as “METER REPLACE”. The invoice will show the final reading of the replaced meter, as well as the first reading of the new meter. If you have a direct debit in place, normal direct debit arrangements will apply to this invoice.

Yes, but only briefly – typically 15 to 30 minutes. When your water service is restored you may experience a brief period of air or discolored water. Our technician will run the water through an outside tap to flush this out and ensure the meter is working correctly. If you experience any water quality issues, in most cases briefly running your cold water for several minutes will clear it up. If you have any issues with your water supply after the meter has been replaced, please contact us and we will investigate it. 

Yes. Water meters are owned by Tauranga City Council, not the property owner, and are being replaced throughout the city as part of our asset renewal programme. 

There is no fee for the new meter. 

If you have any queries, please call our Customer Services Team on (07) 577 7000.

Last Reviewed: 09/06/2020

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