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Whakahaere ratonga wai

Water watchers

Water watchers banner

The Water Watchers plan is a way to manage water in Tauranga all year round – at home, at work, and in the community

Grouped into months, the plan explains how water for outdoor tasks should be used year-round, like when it’s a good idea to use water blasters and sprinklers, and when it’s not.

Water use at home - year round plan

Water Watchers plans

You can download a copy of these Water Watchers plans below:

Water use in the community - year round plan (77kb pdf) Water use at work - year round plan (95kb pdf) Water use at home - year round plan (77kb pdf)

Why do we need a Water Watchers plan?

Water is a precious resource and we only have so much. The climate is changing around the world and here in Tauranga. Over the past five years we have had record dry conditions and more recently experienced extreme wet weather.

The Water Watchers Plan gives us good water-use habits year-round, not just in the hottest months.

It’s the little changes we all make to how we use water that make a big difference in protecting Tauranga’s water future. Let’s make every drop count and follow the Water Watchers Plan year-round.

Water Watchers Frequently Asked Questions

Smart water plans

Some people, businesses and community groups have special water requirements so exemptions to our Water Watchers plans can be considered.

Apply for a smart water plan

Dust suppression

Potable water for dust suppression is not permitted in Tauranga at any time of the year.

Report water use outside the Water Watchers Plan

Report water use here

If you spot a water leak please phone our call centre on 07 577 7000 straight away.

Have a bore or rainwater tank?

To register your bore or rainwater tank with Tauranga City Council and request a ‘bore water in use’ or ‘rainwater tank in use’ sign please email waterline@tauranga.govt.nz

Water saving tips and tricks

Top tips for using water wisely, while also keeping things green and clean in summer. Read more about how to save water.

Water saving tips and tricks

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