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Additional security measures

We are aware that some customers are having issues making payments online. This is due to Visa and Mastercard now enforcing two-factor authentication on all payments in order to increase security.

If you are having issues making an online payment, please contact your bank.

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Whakamanatanga tango wai

Dewatering or stormwater authorisation

The removal of ground or surface water from a site can result in contaminants entering the receiving environment such as heavy metals and polymers from drilling slurry, as well as sediments, clay, dirt  which cause water quality degradation.

Dewatering and the removal of excess stormwater require authorisation if water is being released back into the natural environment. 

Dewatering application form (88kb pdf) Stormwater authorisation application (88kb pdf)

Lodgement fee, application review, authorisation preparation, one site visit, one round of discharge monitoring - $424 (or actual costs if initial monitoring round analytical fees exceed $20).

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For queries regarding your application contact james.piddock@tauranga.govt.nz

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