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Stormwater pollution

Our modern lifestyles contribute to stormwater pollution, often unwittingly. Water blasting your roof, washing your car or tidying up your garden can result in contaminants washing down roadside drains which cause pollution and can attract substantial penalties.

Stormwater pollution creates ecological damage and can be a threat to public health by preventing us from taking part in and enjoying recreational activities around water.

Outside drains are just for rain! We all have a responsibility to prevent stormwater pollution.

Report pollution

To report pollution in our streams, rivers or harbour, please phone Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s 24-hour pollution hotline: 0800 884 883.

If you see pollution such as split paint, oil, concrete slurry, soapy car wash in an open drain or our stormwater system (such as road grates) report it straight away by calling Tauranga City Council: 07 577 7000 or contact us online. The quicker pollution is reported the quicker we can respond.

Prevent stormwater pollution

Knowing what can, and can’t, be washed down our stormwater drains helps protect the water quality of our harbour. Stormwater pollution creates ecological damage and can be a threat to public health by preventing us from taking part in and enjoying recreational activities around water.

To prevent stormwater pollution

  • identify where your stormwater drains are – these are drain that run alongside roads
  • disconnect your down pipes prior to cleaning your roof
  • direct wash water onto unsealed ground such as grass, so that it will soak into the ground
  • do not dispose of any waste down the stormwater drain – the stormwater drain is just for rain.

Council has a range of free stormwater education posters for schools, businesses and community groups to download. For more information email James Piddock.

Pollution prevention plans

Need help establishing a pollution prevention plan for your activity or business? Use our free guide and template to assess your pollution risk and put mitigation controls in place.

Learn about pollution prevention plans

Penalties for pollution

Causing water pollution is a serious offence under the Resource Management Act 1991 as it degrades our environment and could endanger public health. Pollution includes discharging industrial waste into our stormwater system and washing substances such as paint, soap and chemicals down roadside drains. Only rain should enter our stormwater drains – nothing else!

There are four main types of enforcement available:

  • Council abatement notice – this is used to deal with urgent problems and requires the polluter to take immediate action. A fine can be issued with the notice if required.
  • Environmental infringement notice – this is an instant fine ($750 for an individual and $1000 for a company) issued for doing something that is harming the environment.
  • Environmental Court enforcement order – both councils and individuals can apply for an enforcement order. This occurs if the issue is ongoing and other measures have not worked.
  • Environmental Court prosecution – individuals (including company employees, contractors, managers and agents) can be fined up to $300,000 and businesses up to $600,000. Continuing offences can be penalised at $10,000 per day, or up to two years in prison, depending on the severity of the environmental effects.

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