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Hōtaka kura waenga

Intermediate education programme

Intermediate education programme banner

Year 7 and 8 students can get hands on and learn about alternate ways to grow food using minimal water.

Students will explore the concept of capillary action and grow their own plants using water-based, nutrient rich solution, rather than soil. Our educator brings all the equipment required including individual workbooks to take home and share with whānau.

For more information, or to book an Intermediate education programme, please contact our  Waterline Education Team.

Overlying concepts

  • Water scarcity and how to grow plants with limited water
  • The effect of air pollution on our water
  • The possibility of creating food gardens in limited spaces
  • The essential elements and nutrients that plants need to grow
  • Ph and its effect on plants
  • Hydroponic systems.

Frequently asked questions for teachers

  • Audio and visual capability for presentations and videos such as TV, projector, Apple TV or Chromecast. If your school does not have this capability, alternative arrangements can be made
  • Wifi connectivity.
  • Pen, ruler, calculator, workbook
  • A computer and access to the internet and YouTube
  • A plastic 1L bottle each.

Each cycle is made up of four one-hour lessons.

  • Teachers need to remain in the classroom
  • You will need to circulate the teaching instructions to students. They can progress through the lessons as quickly as they like.
  • Provide guidance to students to help with enquiry-based learning

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