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Hōtaka kōhungahunga

Preschool education programme

Preshool education

We offer several programmes for tamariki aged 3-5 years. They are delivered by our enthusiastic Waterline educator who uses storytelling, songs and jokes to deliver a fun and engaging 30-minute session.

He wai koiora

Journey along with Pata Wai, the raindrop and discover the precious nature of water. Out story ‘He Wai Koiora’ explains the water cycle through interactive storytelling.

Tiaki te wai

Introduce tamariki to the important concept ‘saving our pipes from wipes’. Joined by our special guest Trumpet the Elephant, our facilitator emphasises the impact wet wipes and other items have on our wastewater network system.

For more information or to book a preschool education programme please contact our Waterline Education Team.

If you want to conserve water at your early childhood education centre and help protect our waterways and wastewater network, you can request a free waterline efficiency check..

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