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Tomonga tukuora ki Hopukiore

Accessible changing facility Hopukiore – Mount Drury

Request a swipe tag

Complete an application form to request your own free swipe tag. This will be posted out to you at the address provided.

Request a swipe tag

If you are unable to fill in the form please contact our call centre for assistance, phone (07) 577 7000.

If you would like to become a member of the Changing Places NZ network which provides access to similar facilities nationwide go to Changing Places NZ website and apply for an access tag. (Note: there is a charge for this tag.)

Your feedback

We'd love to hear your feedback

Provide your feedback on the facility

We want Tauranga to be an inclusive city where everyone in our community can participate fully.

To support this goal, we’re working to remove barriers faced by disabled people. This facility has been designed to support our disabled community and others who are unable to use the existing accessible public toilets.

Accessible changing facilties - Exterior

Features include a height adjustable toilet and sink, ceiling hoist and adult changing table.

This facility was requested by the Tauranga Special School and supported by the Tauranga Disability Advisory Group to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy themselves in our coastal environment. It is the first fully accessible changing facility in our city and we have teamed up with Changing Places NZ to become a facility within its New Zealand network too.


Accessible facilities map

Corner of Grace Avenue and Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui

How do I access the facility?

There will be three ways to access the facility:

  • With your own Tauranga City Council swipe tag
    Hold it over the access control panel and the door will open for you. See below to request a free swipe tag.
    Request a swipe tag
  • With your Changing Places NZ swipe tag
    Hold it over the Changing Places NZ access control panel and the door will open for you.
  • Using the on site intercom
    Press the silver button on the black call assist panel and a member of our team will speak to you to provide access to the facility.

The facility is locked to maximise availability for people who need it, when they need it, and to reduce the risk of damage to the facility and its fixtures and fittings.

Accessible facilities panel

When can I use the facility?

The facility will be open between the hours of 7am to 8pm daily.

Instructions on how to use the facility equipment

Change table user guide (5mb pdf) Wash basin lifter user guide (2mb pdf)
Toilet lifter lever user guide (3.8mb pdf)
 Hoist user guide (1.6mb pdf)

Other important information

The facility includes a height adjustable toilet and sink, adult changing table, shower and hoist – you will need to bring your own sling and the hoist has a weight limit of 200kg. Only experienced users will be able to operate the hoist.

This facility does not meet the needs of self-transferring wheelchair users.

On entry you will hear an automated voiceover followed by music. There are levers to adjust the height of the toilet and sink. There is a time limit on the facility use of 40 minutes, after which the door will open automatically.

There is a heater over the changing table that can be turned on by pressing a button. The heater will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

Cleaning will be carried out at the facility daily, however if you believe it needs cleaning urgently, please use the intercom on site to advise our team.

Top tips

  • Don’t leave the hoist in front of the heater as the heat will damage the hoist
  • Use the intercom to communicate with Council if you feel the facility needs additional cleaning
  • To raise the sink, press the lever twice. To lower the sink, press and hold the lever once

Adult changing table, shower and hoist

Adult changing table, shower and hoist

Height adjustable toilet and sink

Height adjustable toilet and sink

Want to discuss further?

If you have any further questions or would like to give us feedback on the facility you can contact us by phone (07) 577 7000 or email accessiblechangingfacility@tauranga.govt.nz

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