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Boat trailer parking

From 1 July, 2024 fees will apply for trailer parking in the designated areas at Sulphur Point, Pilot Bay and Whareroa boat ramps. 

In a coastal city like Tauranga boat ramps are important for our communities to access the harbour and ocean. These facilities are currently funded by general rates.

To help keep rates rises low, it's important people pay their fair share towards maintaining the facilities and services they use the most.


From 1 July 2024 trailer parking in the designated areas at Sulphur Point, Pilot Bay and Whareroa boat ramps will be charged at a rate of $20 for 24 hours, or $200 per year for a Tauranga resident permit.  

Boat trailer parking will be enforced by parking officers with fines issued for non-compliance. The daily fee and resident permit are linked to the trailer’s licence plate. Your trailer and vehicle must be road legal with a current warrant of fitness and licence and your trailer’s licence plate must be attached and visible to avoid a $200 fine.  

Resident permit

An annual permit for Tauranga residents with a locally registered trailer or proof of address can be purchased for $200. This allows permit holders to park their trailers at the three sites when using the boat ramps without a daily charge and will be more practical for regular users. Please note we cannot guarantee the availability of parking spaces on any given day. 

The online resident permit application form will be available here very shortly. If you’d like help with your online application once the form is live please visit one of our customer service centres and the staff will assist you.

How to pay at the boat ramps

Those paying per-day can use the PayMyPark app currently in use around the city or pay by cash or card at the new parking machines that will be installed at each site by the boat ramps. 

Tauranga parking machines are paperless, so they won’t issue you a ticket to display on your trailer. You will need to enter the licence number for your trailer at the parking machine, then pay for your parking as usual. 

Download the app for free at the App Store or Google Play or visit the PayMyPark website.  

Find out more about paying for parking.  

Changes on-site

Parking machines will be installed at each site near the boat ramps and there may be some changes to the layout of boat trailer parking at your local ramp which will be clearly marked and signposted.  

Use the maps below to see the designated trailer parking areas and parking machine locations.  

Pilot Bay boat trailer parking

Pilot Bay boat trailer parking map

Pilot Bay boat trailer parking map (49kb pdf)

Whareroa boat ramp trailer parking

Whareroa boat trailer parking map

Whareroa boat trailer parking map (60kb pdf)

Sulphur Point boat ramp trailer parking

Sulphur Point boat ramp trailer parking

Sulphur Point boat trailer parking map (52kb pdf)

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an electronic parking receipt?

When you complete your parking transaction using the paperless machines, you will be asked if you want an e-receipt. If you select 'yes' a QR code and an e-receipt code will be displayed. Take note of the code or scan the QR code. To receive your receipt enter the e-receipt code and your licence plate number at my-receipt.com

The first time you do this, you can choose to register your email address so that all future receipts and transaction details for that plate number will be sent to your email address. You must still select ‘yes’ at the machine when asked if you would like an e-receipt.

Will this be enforced?

Parking payments must be made against the trailer’s licence plate. Failure to pay for parking for your trailer could incur a $40 fine. Resident permits will be linked to your trailer registration and will show on the Parking Officer’s enforcement system.

Licence plates must be attached to your trailer to avoid a $200 fine. Your vehicle and trailer licence (rego) and Warrant of Fitness (WoF) must also be up to date to avoid a $200 fine.

What consultation took place?

New user fees were consulted on and introduced in the 2024-34 Long Term Plan, including boat trailer parking. The fees will reduce the extent that general ratepayers must fund these spaces or activities and seek a more fair and equitable balance between revenue from rates and revenue from user fees and charges across Council.

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