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Vessel Works - te tauwāhi ahumoana ki Tauranga

Vessel Works – the Tauranga marine precinct

Vessel Works, the Tauranga marine precinct, is a marine servicing hub at Sulphur Point for commercial and recreational vessels.

Vessel Works brings an array of marine companies together around a 6300m2 heavy-duty hardstand. Hikinui, the Vessel Works mobile vessel-hoist, can lift vessels of up to 350 tonnes and 50m long, for refit and maintenance.

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Wharf information and bookings

Vessel Works' purpose is to support the thriving marine industry in Tauranga, New Zealand. Our open yard offers modern facilities, unlimited access to world-class contractors and complete flexibility for both commercial and private clients. The development of the precinct was funded by Tauranga City Council through land sales, and BOP Regional Council through the Regional Infrastructure Fund.

Vessel Works is owned by Tauranga City Council and attracts a wide range of international and New Zealand-owned fishing vessels, work boats, private and charter yachts to our waters. With modern facilities, competitive prices and friendly, efficient staff, we have built a reputation as the 'go-to' place for haul out, wash, maintenance, repair and refit.

Vessel works

Vessel Works features

Haulout and launch

Our primary service is to haulout, wash and store vessels up to 350 tonnes. With one of New Zealand’s largest capacity mobile vessel hoists, accompanied by a yard able to accommodate up to eight vessels up to 50 metres in length, Vessel Works is well-positioned to assist vessels to undertake a variety of maintenance services in Tauranga.

Vessels can be stored on the sealed hardstand near the various onsite marine providers or can be placed into the onsite marine providers purpose-built buildings.

We have an advanced water treatment system that collects and processes all water from the hardstand for recycling, treatment or discharge to sewer.

  • Maximum vessel tonnage: 350 tonnes.
  • Maximum vessel length: 50 metres.
  • Maximum vessel width: 11.5 metres.
  • Maximum height including cradle: 23/26m (subject to vessel storage location).

Deep-water access and berthage

  • Refit wharf: berth for vessels of up to 30m. Truck and forklift access for loading, unloading and in-water maintenance activities.
  • Floating berths: A number of floating pontoon berths are available adjacent to the hardstand for on-water maintenance.
  • Cross Road Wharf: available for booking by the hour for the offload of commercial catch, loading of ice, or bunkering of fuel.
  • Place of First Arrival: All international seacraft must first arrive at a port that is an approved place of first arrival (PoFA) and be fully cleared before moving on to other ports in New Zealand. Vessel Works is an approved PoFA for a range of vessels including military, fishing, passenger, and recreational craft like yachts and Superyachts up to 60m in length.

Water treatment system

  • The largest maritime water treatment facility in the country.
  • Collects and processes all run-off water from the wash-down area on the hardstand.
  • Recycles the water through the water blasting system used to clean arriving vessels.

More information and other facilities

On-site service providers 

The on-site service providers cover a wide spread of specialities, from fibre-glassing to marine engineering, vessel painting and timber decking to composite building. This means increased potential for collaboration among precinct occupiers and with other marine businesses in the area, creating a one-stop-shop for customers getting their vessels serviced in Tauranga.

Super Yacht Coatings

SYC specialises in fairing and painting large luxury vessels and has worked for numerous shipyards, boatbuilders and yacht-owners worldwide. 

Robert Page Marine Services

Established in 1955, Robert Page offers a full range of proven onsite marine engineering services. Specialising in certified hull repairs, propulsion systems, deck machinery, full survey requirements and refit project management.

Matamata Motor Trimmers (MMT)

MMT is a locally owned and operated business, which is well-established in clears, covers and upholstery. They cover anything from curtains, carpets, umbrellas, indoor and outdoor covers, clips and more.

Specialised Metal Fabricators Ltd (SMF)

SMF offers contract manufacturing, metal fabrication and machining services, including all types of marine stainless steel, aluminium and other boat metal work across the full range of boat hardware. 

Pachoud Yachts

Pachoud Yachts is an innovative boat builder, specialising in the construction of luxury composite yachts, which has been operating in the BOP for more than three decades. 

Hutcheson Boatbuilders

Hutcheson Boatbuilders has been in the marine business since 1993 and is well-known nationally for its high-quality boatbuilding workmanship. 

Western Work Boats (WWB)

Working across New Zealand and the Pacific, WWB provide dependable work boat charters and vessel hire. Catering to all types of projects including, marine survey, biosecurity in-water cleaning, research, towing, salvage, dive support, film support and marine construction projects.

RMD Marine

RMD Marine owns a range of fishing vessels operation from the West to the East Coast of the North Island. They have a long association with Moana New Zealand, the largest Māori-owned fisheries company in New Zealand. 

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