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Matū ahu whenua


Council manages vegetation in parks and reserves using a number of vegetation management tools. In some instances this includes agrichemicals.


The primary objective of this policy is to protect public health. Other objectives include: · the protection of the wider environment from undue harm (including the protection of domestic pets and birdlife from harm), and the provision of effective vegetation management on Council-maintained land.


  • Council recognises that some toxic agrichemicals have a significant adverse effect on some people within the community
  • Council also recognises that some toxic agrichemicals may have a significant impact on the wider environment
  • Council’s preference is to use non-chemical methods of vegetation control whenever practical
  • Council has responsibilities for the management of plant pests on Council maintained property. Council also has responsibilities to allow fit-for-purpose use of land that it maintains
  • To meet these responsibilities, Council accepts that some use of toxic agrichemicals for vegetation management will be necessary
  • In accepting some use of toxic agrichemicals, Council will take a “prudent avoidance” approach when considering the use of specific toxic agrichemicals
  • Council will proactively seek to reduce the use of toxic agrichemicals on Council maintained land

Where are we spraying?

We publicly notify all planned agrichemical applications across the city.

Agrichemical current applications

Agrichemical registration

If you would like to be notified directly of all planned agrichemical applications, please complete the below form.

Agrichemical registration form

Agrichemical policy

Tauranga City Council’s Use of Toxic Agrichemicals for Vegetation Management Policy sets our direction for the use of agrichemicals on Council-maintained land. Under the policy, the preference is for the use of non-chemical methods of vegetation control where practical. However, in some instances the use of toxic agrichemicals is necessary.

Use of toxic agrichemicals for vegetation management policy (182kb pdf)

Glyphosate-free reserves

We own and maintains a number of glyphosate-free reserves. These reserves are:

  • Anzac Park
  • Bennett Street Reserve
  • Berescourt Reserve
  • Carlisle Reserve
  • Doncaster Drive Reserve
  • Emerald Shores Reserve
  • Epsom Reserve
  • Hall Road Reserve
  • Heron Avenue East Reserve
  • Holcombrooke Reserve
  • Ihakara Reserve
  • Kohekohe Reserve
  • Kopu Drive Reserve
  • Palm Springs Reserve
  • Parewaitai Reserve
  • Pitau Reserve
  • Solomon Street Reserve
  • Spinifex Reserve
  • Tahara Reserve
  • Tuihana Reserve
  • Waterside Drive Reserve.

Map of glyphosate-free reserves (333kb pdf)

View region map (793kb pdf)

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