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Robbins papa rēhia

Robbins Park

Robbins park is located at the northern end of The Strand on the Tauranga waterfront on a hill above the railway line. 

Robbins park

The park overlooks the railway, the harbour, the bridge, the airport, and has views to the Port of Tauranga and Mauao.

It was named for a former Mayor and is adjacent to the Historic Monmouth Redoubt and the new police station, site of the first armed constabulary.

Within Robbins Park are memorial trees, the tropical display house with begonias and orchids, and a 28-bed rose garden which has recently been nominated as one of the best in NZ by Dr Sam McGredy IV. An Ivy Collonade in the renaissance Italian style frames the gardens, and a noted camellia shrub is planted nearby in honour of Kate Sheppard, who first introduced voting for women in New Zealand. 

Park entry is free and the tropical display house is open daily from 10am-4pm in winter and 9am to 6pm in summer (daylight savings).. It is only a short stroll from Robbins park to the Elms Historic Mission House.

The history of Robbins park 

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