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TECT papa rēhia


1650 HA of All Terrain Playground located 34km south of Tauranga City

TECT Park banner

This all terrain park is divided into zones to cater for the needs of different users and the public to allow for quiet places and action packed recreation pursuits.

The park caters for active recreation like walking, horse riding or mountain biking as well as noisier pursuits like motorcycling, target shooting and rally car driving. No hunting is permitted in the park.

Many clubs and user groups are located at the park, their contact details and further information about the park can be found at TECT Park website.

If you wish to use the KiwiCamp facilities (i.e. showers, access to power to charge mobiles, do laundry, etc.) you will need to purchase a digital key before heading to the park, as these are not available for purchase at the park. Kiwicamp NZ - Find a key

Freedom camping is available with prior approval.

For general park information including opening hours visit the TECT Park website.

Important safety message

The park is relatively remote and the ranger is not always available to help. Please plan your trip carefully.

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