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Tūtarawānanga - papa rēhia o Yatton

Tutarawānanga - Yatton Park

Tutarawānanga - Yatton Park is in Tauranga South, in an area called Parkvale and south of the Merivale shops.

Yatton park

Known by Tangata Whenua as Tutarawānanga, the park was once the location of a Pa site and the first school within Tauranga Moana. Tauranga Hapū Ngā Te Ahi, Ngāti Ruahine, Ngāi Tamarawaho and Ngāti Tapu have connections to this culturally significant site.

The park is partially accessible to vehicles and is open from 8am to 8pm in Spring and Summer during daylight saving hours and 8am to 6pm in Autumn and Winter.

Tutarawānanga - Yatton Park’s unique collection of exotic and native tree species is both a locally and nationally significant arboretum. Since many of the Tutarawānanga - Yatton Park trees were planted around the same time in the same area, they have competed against each other for height rather than growing outwards, so many of the trees are among the tallest of their species in the country. They were planted around 1866.

The park was officially dual named Tutarawānanga – Yatton Park in November 2021 following a request by tamariki from Merivale School. Following extensive research and consultation, the tamariki successfully presented to Council Commissioners requesting the change to recognise the history and cultural significance of the site.

History of Tutarawānanga - Yatton Park (181kb pdf)

Wedding bookings

Weddings are popular throughout the year at the park, please phone council for more information and bookings, or make a request online.

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