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Rāhui me aukati ahi

Fire restrictions and bans

On 1 July 2018, the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 (FENZA) came into force. 

As a result of this legislation, a number of functions relating to fire control in Tauranga that were formerly undertaken by Tauranga City Council are now the responsibility of Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ). 

Council is no longer responsible for:

  • Fire bans and fire permits - opening and closing fire seasons (i.e. imposing fire bans) and granting fire permits. To enquire about restricted fire seasons or fire permits, contact FENZ
  • Vegetation or other things on properties that might cause a fire risk – if you are concerned that vegetation or other things on a property pose a fire risk, let FENZ know by completing the online form or calling 0800 336 942. In the case of an emergency, call 111.

Council retains some control over:

  • Outdoor fires in public places – Council still requires people to obtain approvals from them for outdoor fires in public places (e.g. roads, streets, footpaths, alleys, pedestrian malls, cycle and walking tracks, reserves, parks). If you are considering asking council for an approval to light a fire in a public place, check first as FENZ may have imposed fire prohibitions or restrictions. Approvals may be provided with conditions. Please note that open fires will not be permitted on council’s parks and reserves. Gives us a call on 07 577 7000 to discuss outdoor fires in public places. Our Beaches Bylaw (1.8mb pdf) covers fires on beaches.
  • Outdoor fires causing nuisance including traffic safety issues - Council also retains the ability to ask occupiers/owners of property, or people who lit, fuelled or allowed a fire to burn, to extinguish a fire that is causing a smoke or ash nuisance to any person or property, including a hazard to road traffic.

Note: Bay of Plenty Regional Council has recently changed the rules around open fires on residential properties. You can no longer have an open fire on an urban Bay of Plenty property. Those wanting to have an open fire on a rural property will need to check the fire permit status at www.checkitsalright.nz

For more information, contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council on 0800 884 880 or visit Bay of Plenty Regional Council's website

Regional Air Plan

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has adopted the Regional Air Plan. This contains rules about open fires. Regardless of these rules, fires may still be prohibited or restricted by FENZ, and you should check first.

For information about the Regional Air Plan see Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s website

Regional Natural Resources Plan

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has adopted the Regional Natural Resources Plan. This contains rules about the clearance of vegetation by burning. Depending upon the location and scale of the burning, you may require resource consent.

Contact the Regional Council on 0800 884 880, or email info@boprc.govt.nz.

Incidents of smoke nuisance, pollution and environmental incidents can be reported to the Regional Council on 0800 884 883.

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