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Moving forward in Arataki

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We want to make it safer and easier for more people to bus and bike between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road.

A lot of people actively travel through Arataki each day. The increased vehicle traffic on the local roads caused by impacts from the Baypark to Bayfair/SH2 improvement works poses a challenge in this space. 

Between Golf Road and Sandhurst Drive, council has approved plans to deliver transport infrastructure that will improve the safety, convenience, and journey times for people walking, biking, using mobility scooters, and taking the bus.

In progress

  • Ongoing road safety education and active travel promotion through the Travel Safe School Action Plan.
  • Bayfair Underpass – Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter announced in 2020 an underpass to allow uninterrupted separated walking and cycling route between Matapihi, Bayfair and Arataki. This will be part of the Baylink project and is a result of extensive investigation by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.
  • Second stage of a city-wide speed limit review addressing the rest of the city.
  • Analysis of further options to improve safety on Links Avenue.

More information

Links Avenue sees high volumes of traffic on a daily basis. In the past year, parents of school children using Mount Maunganui’s Links Avenue have repeatedly raised safety concerns regarding the narrow shared path and its close proximity to the traffic lane. This issue was highlighted when a student’s bike was dragged under a bus after it clipped the bike’s handlebar.

A safety review comissioned by council deemed the road layout of Links Avenue unsafe for young people with the current volume of traffic. The review identified creating a cul-de-sac as the most viable option to significantly reduce traffic, resulting in improved safety for children, by lowering speed and reducing the traffic volume by 75%.

The report’s findings were presented to the Tauranga City Council Commissioners, who unanimously accepted the findings and instructed staff to consult with stakeholders on options including the cul-de-sac solution. This has been met with a wide range of opinions, leaving council to decide on a way forward.

To this end, the Commissioners have decided to press on with testing the effect of the cul-de-sac. This will temporarily lower any risks and allow further deliberation and discussion on options for Links Avenue to be more substantiated and informed.

What does the trial mean? 

From 15 November to 17 December 2021, a temporary cul-de-sac will be in place on Links Avenue. This means no thoroughfare for general traffic for the duration, access is limited to buses, emergency services and rubbish trucks only. This cul-de-sac will be monitored by cameras to enforce these restrictions.

We understand this is a big change that will add some time to people’s journey. This time is keeping our kids safe.

Safety first links avenue cul-de-sac trial

More information

More detailed communication to community groups, schools and other stakeholders will take place in the coming weeks. We will also share more details on how the trial will be assessed and next steps. 

For now, please send any questions, concerns or feedback, to Tauranga City Council Community Engagement Advisor - Jennifer Pearson at jennifer.pearson@tauranga.govt.nz

We have established  a community liaison group which will provide a forum for the community, stakeholders and decision makers to work together for the benefit of the wider Arataki community and those who use the area

A pilot group has been formed after receiving some fantastic applications from dedicated and passionate members of the community. From the 20 applications we received, 12 were selected for their skill sets and ability to represent the diversity that the Arataki community has to offer. We also have great support from mana whenua, who will be crucial to helping us reach out to our communities and share valuable insight.

A facilitated workshop was held on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 where the new members of the ACLG were able to meet each other and talk about how they wanted this new group to operate.

There was a general consensus around the benefits of listening to the community early and using that local insight to help influence decision-making. The finer details around exactly how this would happen will be discussed at the ACLG’s very first meeting on Tuesday, 1 December 2020.

The ACLG have asked for a report to be presented by staff from TCC and other service delivery agencies to summarise what projects will be impacting the Arataki area over the next 10 years, as well as a brief update on what works have been completed in recent times. This will help the group to understand and prioritise what the initial focus of their first few meetings will be on.

At each meeting, the members will decide on the date and agenda items of the next so if there is something you think should be discussed, reach out to one of the members below or send us an email


  • Ian Armstrong
  • Stephen Bird
  • Shelley Blakey
  • Megan Clarkin
  • David Henderson
  • Karen Laidlaw
  • Janie de Malmanche
  • Jill Parsons
  • Sophie Te Moni
  • Linda Thompson
  • John Waretini
  • Jo Wills

To find out more about this group, visit the Arataki Community Liaison Group webpage.

To help make it safer and easier for people on buses to travel between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road, we have implemented an interim bus lane along Links Avenue which we’ll trial during the construction period of the Baylink/SH2 upgrade project. The need for the bus lane will be re-assessed following the completion of the SH upgrade works. As part of this work a new shared bike path and an upgrade of the Concord/Links Avenue intersection will also be undertaken.

Shared pedestrian and cycle path

A number of safety concerns have been expressed by parents of the local schools since the bus lanes became operational on Links Avenue in early 2019. Council staff have spent a considerable amount of time observing driver, cyclist, and pedestrian behaviour in the area. The following recommendations have been made and have been completed:

  • A new pedestrian crossing outside Mount Intermediate School.
  • A new 2.5-metre-wide shared pedestrian/cycle path between Ascot Road and Mount Intermediate School.

These measures will address the issues raised in the early stages of this significant transformational transportation project. Other elements of this wider Arataki project are to be delivered throughout 2020, all of which are designed to improve road safety and encourage more people to walk, bus and cycle to school or work, or just for pleasure.

Progress regarding further options

After receiving a presentation from passionate community members at the Projects, Services and Operations Committee on 15 September 2020, a staff report was requested regarding options for Links Ave to be presented at the next Council committee.

On 6 October 2020 a report was presented to Council as requested, on more than 10 options for changes to Links Ave including their advantages, disadvantages and estimated costs so the Mayor and Councillors could recommend a shortlist of options to be considered further.

The Mayor and Councillors passed the resolution: Council will continue to engage and work through the series of physical, behavioural and vehicle use options with residents, schools and Regional Council to improve safety on Links Avenue with a view to reporting back to Council before implementation.

Since this meeting, we have established the Arataki Community Liaison Group and will be engaging with the Group and the community on these options so we can bring your feedback to the Councillors, this will help inform them of what the community want. We have also been having discussions with Bay of Plenty Regional Council who are currently developing options for changes to the bus services to reduce the number of buses that travel along this road.


Waka Kotahi Baypark to Bayfair Link project update


Arataki bus facility

One of the key projects to make it safer and easier for people to travel through Arataki, is the Arataki Bus facility. The aim of this facility will be to provide a safe, attractive and functional space for people to access public transport and for buses to be able to turn around without having to loop around local streets.

Temporary stops were installed on Farm Street following the closure of the bus stops in the Bayfair car park (on the SH2 side of the Mall) in June 2018. Whilst measures to improve safety and functionality have been implemented in line with safety audits and operational reviews, the existing facility is not functioning well for residents, bus users, or for the bus operator. 

Council has reviewed a number of potential locations in the area and is now looking at two sites in more detail. Both potential facilities are located off-street, one off Farm Street using Bayfair-owned land, and one off Girven Road using land in Arataki Park that is currently occupied by St. John ambulance. Once the feasibility of both proposals has been assessed, we will be engaging with the local community, schools, businesses, bus users and other stakeholders ahead of progressing any more detailed proposals. 

Reports on this topic can be found:

Recent discussion at Urban Form and Transport Committee meeting minutes
Council agenda 21 June 2021 – Update to Commissioners about the Arataki Bus Facility project
Council agenda 21 July 2020 – Update to Council about the Arataki Bus Facility Project
Council agenda 23 July 2019 - Arataki area bus facility assessment (Report 1: Page 35-123)
Council agenda 10 September 2019  - Consideration of Girven Road as an option for the Arataki Bus Facility (Report: Page 115-129)
Council agenda 10 September part 3 - Consideration of Girven Road as an option for the Arataki Bus Facility (Report: Page 130-144)

Last Reviewed: 11/11/2021

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