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Ara haumaru ki Arataki

Moving forward in Arataki

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We want to make it safer and easier for more people to bus and bike between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road.

A lot of people actively travel through Arataki each day. The increased vehicle traffic on the local roads caused by impacts from the Baypark to Bayfair/SH2 improvement works poses a challenge in this space. 

Between Golf Road and Sandhurst Drive, council has approved plans to deliver transport infrastructure that will improve the safety, convenience, and journey times for people walking, biking, using mobility scooters, and taking the bus.

In progress

  • Ongoing road safety education and active travel promotion through the Travel Safe School Action Plan.
  • Bayfair Underpass – Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter announced in 2020 an underpass to allow uninterrupted separated walking and cycling route between Matapihi, Bayfair and Arataki. This will be part of the Baylink project and is a result of extensive investigation by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.
  • Second stage of a city-wide speed limit review addressing the rest of the city.
  • Analysis of further options to improve safety on Links Avenue.

More information

Links Avenue Safety Improvements Arataki Community Liaison Group

Waka Kotahi Baypark to Bayfair Link project update

Arataki bus facility

One of the key projects to make it safer and easier for people to travel through Arataki, is the Arataki Bus facility. The aim of this facility will be to provide a safe, attractive and functional space for people to access public transport and for buses to be able to turn around without having to loop around local streets.

Temporary stops were installed on Farm Street following the closure of the bus stops in the Bayfair car park (on the SH2 side of the Mall) in June 2018. Whilst measures to improve safety and functionality have been implemented in line with safety audits and operational reviews, the existing facility is not functioning well for residents, bus users, or for the bus operator. 

Council has reviewed a number of potential locations in the area and is now looking at two sites in more detail. Both potential facilities are located off-street, one off Farm Street using Bayfair-owned land, and one off Girven Road using land in Arataki Park that is currently occupied by St. John ambulance. Once the feasibility of both proposals has been assessed, we will be engaging with the local community, schools, businesses, bus users and other stakeholders ahead of progressing any more detailed proposals. 

Reports on this topic can be found:

Recent discussion at Urban Form and Transport Committee meeting minutes
Council agenda 21 June 2021 – Update to Commissioners about the Arataki Bus Facility project
Council agenda 21 July 2020 – Update to Council about the Arataki Bus Facility Project
Council agenda 23 July 2019 - Arataki area bus facility assessment (Report 1: Page 35-123)
Council agenda 10 September 2019  - Consideration of Girven Road as an option for the Arataki Bus Facility (Report: Page 115-129)
Council agenda 10 September part 3 - Consideration of Girven Road as an option for the Arataki Bus Facility (Report: Page 130-144)

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