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Seismic strengthening at our parking buildings

Elizabeth Street parking building

We’re carrying out strengthening works at our two parking buildings, to reduce risks to users and potential damage that a significant earthquake could cause.

What do the works involve?

Elizabeth Street parking building

The works began in February 2022 and will last until late 2022. They will focus on strengthening the ramp transitions in the first four levels of the building, and the connections between the eastern stair tower and the building.

We are undertaking the construction in stages, one level at a time, starting from the ground floor and working our way up. This will minimise the impact on people parking in the building – we expect that a maximum of 30 parking spaces will be unavailable at any given time.

Traffic will be reduced to one-way on the ramps when the works are carried out on each level, with traffic management measures in place.

Full carpark closure

The Elizabeth Street parking building will be closed on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August 2022, to allow for localised strengthening works around the First Avenue entry/exit to be safely carried out.

First Avenue entry/exit closure

These localised works, along with upgrades on the First Avenue vehicle crossing will also require the closure of the First Avenue entry/exit for up to three weeks between Monday 1 August and Sunday 21 August 2022.

  • Monday 1 to Sunday 7 August: First Avenue entry and exit lanes shut
  • Monday 8 to Sunday 21 August (unless completed sooner): First Avenue entry lane shut.

Please use the Elizabeth Street entry/exit during that time.

Spring Street parking building

Works will begin in June 2022. They consist of drilling throughout the site, adding concrete to the sheer boundary wall on the south end of the building, and adding steel beams vertically throughout the building and to the underside of each floor level. Work will begin at the lower levels and move upwards to manage weight factors on the upper levels.

There will be a closure (pedestrian and vehicle) in place at the Durham St entrance for a limited time over the period of works, mostly the building will remain operational albeit at a reduced capacity.

Work will also be undertaken to strengthen the link bridge connecting the Spring St parking building and adjacent rooftop parking at 29 Grey Street. It’s expected this work will take place in late 2022 or early 2023 depending on availability of materials.

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Questions on your leased space, contact Care Park on TaurangaCP@carepark.co.nz

Contact us on 07 577 7000 or info@tauranga.govt.nz


  • Elizabeth Street parking building works start

    8 February 2022
  • Spring Street parking building works start

    June 2022
  • First Avenue entry/exit closed

    1 to 21 August 2022
  • Elizabeth Street parking building works complete

    Approximately October 2022
  • Link bridge at Spring Street

    Approximately November 2022
  • Spring Street parking building works complete

    Approximately March 2023

Leased parking

When leased parking spaces are impacted, we will provide alternative parking spots. We will contact leaseholders in advance to let them know which parking space they can use instead, and for how long.

If you have any questions on your leased space, contact Care Park on TaurangaCP@carepark.co.nz. Note there are no vacant spaces available for lease at this stage.

Why we’re undertaking this work

We conducted precautionary seismic assessments of our Spring Street and Elizabeth Street parking buildings in 2020, along with all our other council-owned facilities. The assessments highlighted areas where strengthening and remediation work should be carried out to reduce the risk to users and extent of damage a significant earthquake event could cause.

Parts of both buildings do not meet the minimum 34% ‘new building standard’ (NBS) rating, which technically means they could be classified as earthquake-prone, requiring strengthening or demolition to be carried out within 25 years.

Engineering advice confirmed that the NBS rating does not mean the buildings are dangerous, or that there is any need to change their use. We’re getting ahead of the game and ensuring our parking buildings can stand the test of time (and Mother Nature).

Please take care when driving or walking around work sites. There may be some noise, shaking, dust and minor delays associated with the traffic management in place – apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Best to keep your car windows up when in the parking building.

About the Elizabeth Street parking building

The first four floors of the Elizabeth Street parking building were built in 2001, with two floors added in 2015.

It has a total capacity of 620 spaces: 280 leasable spaces and 340 casual spaces

There is on average approx. 37% of casual parking spaces available during the working week (88% on weekends) [data from October-November 2021]. 

Like our other parking building and many of our off-street parking, it is managed by Care Park. 

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Questions on your leased space,
contact Care Park on TaurangaCP@carepark.co.nz

Any other enquiries contact us on
07 577 7000 or info@tauranga.govt.nz

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