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Matariki Tauranga Moana

Matariki banner

Each year, the winter stars of Matariki signal the arrival of the Māori New Year. Traditionally, the rise of Matariki was a sign to ensure food crops had been harvested and the storehouses were well-stocked for the coming year.

Nowadays, Matariki has become a time of revitalisation and resurgence of te reo Māori and mātauranga Māori. Matariki is an opportunity to reflect and celebrate our history and make plans for the future. 

In doing so, we acknowledge our traditions, language and culture, which together give us a sense of who we are.

The theme for the Matariki Tauranga Moana 2020 programme of events is Ngā Kura Huna: sharing important knowledge and prized learnings that would otherwise remain hidden. 

The 2020 celebration will open doors to valued strands of learning and knowledge connected to Matariki. Kia huakina te tatau hei tomonga mā tātou ki ngā kura huna o Matariki.

Matariki, we look to the heavens to guide us into the future, to stand in the present, to grow from past lessons,
Matariki, the world that we know today, a time to celebrate as a people, our culture, knowledge, language and diversity,
Matariki, a symbol of the many faces of our people, whose heritage spans the Pacific and celebrated through whakapapa.
Matariki Tauranga Moana welcomes you to discover the significance of Matariki and explore ways to observe the Māori New Year with whanau and friends.

Matariki Tauranga Moana 2020 will see the city come alive with a programme of events including live performances, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, family events, online storytelling and learning.

Come along, take part, learn what Matariki means for our city and our people and bring to light the otherwise hidden learnings of Matariki.

Matariki Tauranga Moana events

Last Reviewed: 18/06/2020

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