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Kua rite rānei tō whakahoahoa

Is your design ready

The following is required on application in sufficient detail to show compliance with aspects of the District Plan and the New Zealand Building Code.

Want to speed up your consent? If you’ve considered everything on this checklist in your design and application, you’re well placed to go through the consent process more quickly and be able to get on with your build.


Tauranga City Council Building Information

Site Plan

  • All new and existing buildings and swimming pools in relation to all buildings and boundaries
  • Legal and notional boundaries (existing and proposed), easements, waterways, shared accessways/other areas with building setbacks dimensioned
  • Any heritage buildings/trees or archaeological site information known
  • Building and site areas (including floor areas in m² for all floors)
  • Vehicle access, crossing location, manoeuvre, parking area
  • Any hard-standing (sealed or concrete) areas with proposed drainage
  • Any significant trees on the site

Outline Floor plans (for all floors)

Outline Elevations

Outline Cross Sections

  • If required to show recession plane/daylight plane and height compliance

Project Information Memorandum

  • (If already issued) plus all attached forms

Building Code Assessment

  • Showing means of compliance, e.g. AS1, AS2, Alternative solution

Restricted Building Work (RBW)

Fully Detailed Foundation Plans


  • Proposed and existing site levels
  • Existing and proposed contours
  • Drive gradients and pedestrian access
  • Floor levels and finished paving levels

Drainage Plans

  • Full design details for both foul water and stormwater to approved outfalls

Detailed Floor Plans

  • Drawn to scale, fully dimensioned and annotated showing location of smoke alarms with rooms identified

Detailed Elevations

  • Including door and windows showing opening sashes

Hazardous Substances

  • Storage location and capacity (e.g. LPG, diesel, home heating oil)

Cross Sections

  • Show all relevant construction details, particularly for complex sections of the construction

Timber Treatment

  • The species, grading and treatment of all timber specific to the project is to be specified on the drawings, ideally on the cross section, in addition to any specification references


  • R-values on drawings, method of compliance identified (schedule/calculation/modelling)

Electrical Plan

  • Showing all lighting and electrical outlets including fitting types

Framing Details

  • Including floor joist layout plans if applicable

Construction Details

  • With all materials, fixings etc. noted

Weather-tightness Details

  • Including a risk assessment matrix for all walls and flashings

Internal Waterproofing Details

  • Including all wet areas and surface finishes

Plumbing Details

  • Including layout plan with full schematics of water supply, including hot water system location, valving and all associated systems connected to the hot water cylinder (e.g. solar, wetback etc.), plus water supply details


  • Information limited to and relevant to the project only

Bracing Design

  • Calculations, schedule and layout plans showing specific locations in building

Roof Truss Design

  • Including layout plan, all fixings and specific design for lintels where required

Ground Conditions Report

  • This will be either a report to verify that the ground is "good ground" according to the Building Code, or a specific ground assessment and foundation design by a Chartered Engineer or qualified Geotechnical Engineer

Engineers’ Details and Design Calculations

  • Where any specific design has been carried out (e.g. steel beams)

Approvals from Other Authorities

  • Regional Council for discharges to land, air, or water
  • Hazardous Substances and New Organisms

Heating Appliance

  • Installation details including clearances, hold down details, flue installation (new or existing), flue height (approx.) And flashing type (and age if existing).
  • Ceiling type – flat or sloping
  • Plumbing schematic for wetback installation and location of hot water cylinder (if applicable)

Solar Water Heating

  • Product specifications, elevations, plumbing schematic floor plan

Swimming/Spa Pool

  • Site plan, ground condition report, details of construction, fencing, gate latch and opening, backflow, discharge of pool water, hydrostatic relief valve (if applicable)


Tauranga City Plan

Certificate of Title

  • Recent search copy less than three months old and a sale of purchase agreement if title is not in the applicant’s name. A subdivision scheme plan is required for a new site where title is not yet available

Existing/Related Resource Consents

  • Consent Notice (check conditions)

Building and Structure Rules

  • Written approval required – YES / NO – no more than 2 setbacks reduced
  • Adjoining zone setbacks (Conservation Zone or Bethlehem Commercial Business Zone)
  • Setback from mean high water springs, rivers, streams or wetlands
  • Traffic management safety setbacks
  • Streetscape setback
  • Site coverage
  • Overshadowing
  • Outdoor living area
  • On-site vehicle manoeuvring

Ecological Areas, Natural Features, Landscapes and heritage

  • Ecological area
  • Notable and significant groups of trees
  • Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes Plan area
  • Important Amenity Landscapes Plan area
  • Built heritage site
  • Significant Maori area
  • Heritage tree
  • Significant Archaeological area

Natural Hazards

Hazardous Substances

  • National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil (NESCS) or Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) activity identified - Yes / No

Development Engineering

Tauranga City Council Infrastructure Development Code


  • Earthworks (check sediment control measures)
  • Are cuts over 1.5 metres and 45 degrees or greater
  • Are earthworks in drip line of notable tree
  • Are earthworks on potentially contaminated land
  • Are earthworks within: the Flood Hazard Plan area; the Coastal Hazard Erosion Plan area (CHEPA); the Mean High Water Spring (MHWS); the Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes Plan area ONFL; the Important Amenity Landscapes Plan area (IALPA); a special ecological area; a high voltage transmission plan area; a river; a stream; wetland; a floodplain; an overland flowpath; or a flood prone area.

Network Utilities & Designation

  • Network utility
  • High Voltage Transmission Plan area
  • Designations


  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Potable water supply
  • Vehicular access

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