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Code compliance certificate

You must apply for a code compliance certificate when your building work is complete.

The code compliance certificate confirms the work done complies with the building consent, and shows the work is legal, compliant and complete. You have two years to apply for a code compliance certificate once your building consent is granted. Council issues code compliance certificate based on the inspections undertaken during and at the end of construction. It’s only issued when Council is satisfied on reasonable grounds that your building work is completed and complies with the building consent, your final inspection has been passed, any specified systems for the building and capable of performing, and your code compliance certificate application and required documentation have been received and accepted. 

This certificate came into effect on 1 July 1992. If your property was built before then, it won’t be eligible for a code compliance certificate. However, there should be inspection notes in the property file. 

You can check the status of the certificate for an older property by calling our code compliance team.

More information on Record of Work forms

Submit the application

How you apply varies depending on a few factors. 

Final inspection was booked and passed prior to 13 March 2017

  • Email your certificate application and required documentation to ccc@tauranga.govt.nz.
  • Email your full application in PDF format in one attachment, and in the same order as listed on the required items report, which was issued with your building consent.
  • We will communicate with you regarding this application via email.

Building consents issued electronically or final inspection booked after 13 March 2017

  • Apply for your certificate through building consents online after all required documentation is uploaded and accepted.
  • Only electronic applications will be accepted.
  • We will communicate with you regarding this application through building consents online.

Manage documents

These quick tips will ensure you can easily submit your application.

  • Upload your documentation as you receive it, rather than upload it all at the end.
  • Only apply for your certificate when all documentation is uploaded and accepted.
  • Upload any critical documentation required before the final inspection e.g., ground check, building location certificate or approved on-site minor variations etc.
  • Building inspectors cannot accept code compliance certificate applications or documentation at the time of inspection. It is your responsibility to upload all required documentation to the online building consents system.

Manage the application

Code compliance certificate processing will take up to 20 working days. However, before the ‘clock’ starts your application will be vetted. If it’s incomplete or inaccurate, it will be declined and an administration charge may be applied. The clock will stop until we receive the missing information, at which point it will start again.

See the code compliance fees and charges for more information.

Once approved, your certificate will be issued on receipt and processing of payment. Please be aware that some banks will take one or more business days to complete the payment and therefore Council will see the funds up to 48 hours later. Therefore, please expect to be able to access your documents after this time.

Code compliance certificate extensions

An application for a code compliance certificate must be made as soon as practicable after the completion of all consented building work.

However if you’re unable to start building within 12 months of a building consent being issued, or you are unable to finish work within 24 months of it being granted, you’ll need to apply for an extension of time.

Code Compliance Certificate applications for old building consents

For building consents lacking a Code Compliance Certificate and older than five years since the date of granting.  

The following guidance document will assist home owners establish whether they are permitted and what is involved when applying for a Code Compliance Certificate for an historic building consent. 

CCC Applications for old building consents (74kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 03/04/2019


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