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Tauranga has a sprinkler and irrigation system ban in place 


Third party reports

Third party building reports can be received by Council and added to a property file in certain circumstances. 

Tauranga City Council receives independent third party building reports for:

  • unauthorised building work that was undertaken before 1 July 1992
  • building work completed pursuant to a building permit issued prior to 1 July 1992
  • building work exempt under schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 (at time work was undertaken).

The reports will be placed on property files as a public record only.

Each report will be read by Council staff, but it should be noted:

  • The council does not accept any liability for the content of the third party report.
  • The council does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the third party report.
  • Under the Building Act, the third party report is not a CCC (Code Compliance Certificate).
  • The Council is not obliged to issue a CCC as a result of receiving the third party report.
  • The third party report will not authorise any building works undertaken without a building consent.
  • The third party report will not limit the council’s ability to enforce the provisions of the Building Act in the future.

Submitting a third party report

Complete the cover sheet/lodgment form and hand in to staff at the council’s customer service centre along with your $407.00 filing fee at 91 Willow Street.

Environmental monitoring and compliance staff will issue a letter to confirm that the report has been received, reviewed and placed on the property file as a public record. 

Last Reviewed: 30/07/2020

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