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Demolition, removal and relocation

If you need to demolish, remove or relocate a building you may require building or resource consents.

You require a building consent to:

  • demolish or remove a building if it is attached to another building or is over three storeys in height (refer to exemptions under the Building Act - Schedule 1 if this applies to your situation)
  • relocate a building to a new site.

You will also require resource consent to:

  • relocate, demolish or partially demolish an item listed on Appendix 7A: Register of Built Heritage - chapter 7 of the City Plan
  • demolish a building or structure within the CHEPA and Coastal Protection Plan Area - chapter 8 of the City Plan.
  • If the proposed demolition is going to require large-scale works and is likely to require multiple approvals, such as a resource consent or road closure, we recommend you order a PIM.

Last Reviewed: 22/02/2018


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