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Sprinkler and irrigation system ban now in place for Tauranga


How dog registration is used

Council’s Animal Services team has the responsibility to manage dog issues in the city. Our priority is community safety and we attend to complaints of aggression and attacks as soon as possible.

The dog population is growing at around 5% each year and we now have over 13,000 known dogs. Our Animal Services team receives over 5,000 complaints every year. We impound nearly 1,000 dogs, of which 84% are returned home or adopted to new homes

In Tauranga, dog registration fees help to pay for most of our animal services activities, including: 

  • a dog registration database of over 13,000 dogs 
  • automatic reminder notices for registration of dogs
  • dog owner education, including education programmes, material and dog bite safety programmes
  • enhanced education program to target school children and at risk groups
  • dog shelter facilities for the care, welfare and return of lost and stray dogs
  • investigation, monitoring and resolution of dog issues such as nuisance, aggressive and dangerous dogs
  • installation and maintenance of poo bag dispensers
  • patrols of public places to protect public safety and enforcement
  • four wheel drive beach patrols
  • friendly and professional advice as well-educated dog owners are more responsible dog owners.

Information for dog owners (338kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 24/06/2020

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