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Registering your dog

All dogs must be registered by three months of age. Dog registration expires on 30 June each year.

Re-register your dog or register a new dog online

The form below is for new dogs, puppies, imported dogs and transferring between councils.

Dog registration application form (346kb pdf)

Council offers an 'early bird' registration fee of $100 if your dog is registered by 31 July or $150 if registered after this date. Fees to register a dog classified as dangerous are $150 if registered by 31 July and $225 after this date. A $300 infringement fee may be issued to an owner or person caring for an unregistered dog. To avoid this, register your dog early.

If you register a puppy during the registration year, the fee is calculated from the date the puppy turns three months of age, this is to take into account how much time is left in the registration year. If your dog was registered within the last year, full fee registration forms will be automatically sent to you in June.

Pro-rata fees 2023/24 (78pdf)

If you lose your registration tag, you can get a new one from our customer service centre at 21 Devonport Road for $10.50.

What you need to know about registering a dog:

  • all puppies must be registered by the time they are three months old
  • all newly purchased or acquired dogs (over three months olds) must be registered immediately
  • if you purchase an adult or acquire a dog over the age of three months, whether a rescue dog or not, you will be liable for the full registration fee due at that time
  • dog registration renewal needs to be done before 1 July each year
  • it’s an offence to keep an unregistered dog
  • you are committing an offence if your dog is found wearing a registration tag issued to another dog
  • a dog not wearing a current registration tag is considered to be unregistered until proven otherwise
  • you will need to provide your date of birth when registering your dog, this helps distinguish you from someone else with the same name
  • every dog that’s registered for the first time must be implanted with a working microchip 
  • if your dog dies or is exported out of New Zealand, you can apply in writing for a partial refund of the dog registration. The amount of the refund is calculated for the remaining months in the registration year from the date you advise council.

Registering your dog with council together with its microchip number allows us to quickly re-unite you with your dog should it inadvertently escape. Registering your microchip with council is free.  

Microchipping is different to registering your dog. You can have your dog microchipped at the pound at 88 Hewletts Road for $30 from 9am to 4.30pm Monday and 2pm to 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday.

All dogs must be registered by three months of age, the dog registration year is from 1st July to 30th June each year. Continue below for the ‘full fees’ and ‘pro rata fees’ if the dog turned 3 months during a registration year.

Re-register your dog or register a new dog online

Information for dog owners (338kb pdf)

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