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There is no legal requirement to register cats. However, we recommend that cat owners have their animal desexed and microchipped.

As a cat owner, you are responsible for ensuring your cat does not cause nuisance. You must provide adequate shelter, water, food and make sure the animal is healthy and has access to veterinary care if necessary.

Stray cats or cat colonies

If cats have been abandoned on your property by the previous owner or tenant, please phone the Tauranga SPCA.

We cannot do anything about cats straying on to your property. However, if the cats (must be two or more) have started living on your property and they are not owned by you, or fed by you or anyone on your property, council may loan you a trap if they have one available. 

Traps will not be loaned for cats on commercial or business premises. 

It is your responsibility to manage the trap, and release any owned, domesticated cats that get caught. It is also your responsibility to dispose of any wild cats caught in the trap; this must be done humanely, in a manner where the cat does not suffer unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress. We recommend you use a vet.

Council takes no responsibility or liability for the entrapment, release or disposal of any cats caught by any trap loaned to you by Council.

Reporting cat issues

Neither SPCA nor Council will respond to calls about roaming cats causing nuisance, as this is not an offence. SPCA should be contacted if it is a welfare matter, such as the abuse or neglect of any animal.

Why doesn't the council manage cats

The Dog Control Act makes provisions for the control and impounding of uncontrolled dogs, unfortunately, there is no Government legislation that authorises Council to manage cats in the same way. The welfare of cats is controlled by the Animal Welfare Act administered by the SPCA.

Last Reviewed: 03/06/2021

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