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As well as registering your dog, all dogs must be microchipped within two months of being registered or prior to being released from the animal shelter.

Council does not provide a public microchipping service. We only microchip dogs that have been impounded, the cost for this is $22, plus impounding fees.

Microchipping means that your dog has a unique and permanent identification number. The number is stored on the National Dog Database, along with other information relating to your dog. This information can only be accessed by vets and our staff.

Once your dog has been microchipped it doesn't cost anything to register it on the database, just let us know the dog’s registration details and the microchip number and we’ll do the rest. If we know your dog’s microchip number and we find your dog, in most instances we can notify you immediately.

You can check your dog’s microchip at any vet clinc, or by bringing the dog to the pound on Hewletts Road between 3:15pm - 4:30pm on weekdays.

Dogs registered as working dogs, which are used solely or principally for herding or driving stock, are exempt from microchipping. No other working dog category is exempt.

Microchipping your dog (408kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 18/10/2018


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