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Whakatau āhuarangi huarere ā kawanatanga ā-rohe

Local Government Leaders' Climate Change Declaration

In 2017, Tauranga City Council supported the Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration.

Local Government Leaders' Climate Change Declaration

The commitments the councils agreed to are:

  1. Develop and implement ambitious action plans that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support resilience within our own councils and for our local communities. These plans will:
    • promote walking, cycling, public transport and other low carbon transport options;
    • work to improve the resource efficiency and health of homes, businesses and infrastructure in our district; and
    • support the use of renewable energy and uptake of electric vehicles.
  2. Work with our communities to understand, prepare for and respond to the physical impacts of climate change.
  3. Work with central government to deliver on national emission reduction targets and support resilience within our communities.

The guiding principles to the Declaration include:

  1. Precaution
  2. Stewardship/Kaitiakitanga
  3. Equity/Justice
  4. Anticipation (thinking and acting long-term)
  5. Understanding
  6. Co-operation
  7. Resilience

The development of the Tauranga Climate Plan will ensure that we are working towards achieving these commitments.

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