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We are aware that some customers are having issues making payments online. This is due to Visa and Mastercard now enforcing two-factor authentication on all payments in order to increase security.

If you are having issues making an online payment, please contact your bank.

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Making a submission

A submission is a written statement about a notified resource consent application. It can support, oppose or express a point of view on the proposal. 

Any person or organisation can make a submission on a publicly notified application. You have 20 working days to make a submission from the date of notification. If the application is limited notified a 20 working day timeframe also applies and only the people served with the application can make a submission.

Should I make a submission?

Before making a submission on a resource application, you should:

  • read all of the information provided and ensure you understand what the application is about and what the effects are likely to be
  • talk to us or your own professional advisors about your issues and concerns and how they might be addressed (please note - we can’t provide advice on whether you should make a submission or not)
  • talk to the applicant and discuss your issues and concerns with them (you may be able to reach an agreement without going through the formal submission process).

Preparing a submission

Your submission will be more effective if it is clear, concise and supports your views with adequate information. It must relate to issues that arise from the application. 

Your submission must clearly state:

  • whether you support or oppose the application, or if you wish to make a comment only (neutral submission)
  • the particular parts of the application you are concerned about
  • your reasons for making the submission
  • the decision you want us to make
  • any conditions you feel should be imposed if the consent is granted
  • if you wish to speak in support of your submission at any hearing that may be held.

How do I lodge a submission?

You can make resource consent submission online or by using the form below and posting or delivering it to Council. You submission must be received on or before the closing date stated on the public notice or letter. 

You must also send a copy of your submission to the applicant at the address given on your public notice or letter.

We encourage applicants and submitters to communicate directly to discuss any concerns and identify ways in which they can be addressed. If that doesn't work, we may arrange an informal pre-hearing meeting to try and resolve these issues. If the issues are not resolved, a hearing may be held to make a decision on the application.

Forms PDF Word
Submission form for resource consents (86kb pdf) (320kb docx)
Submission form for resource consent designations (190kb pdf) (273kb doc)  

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