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Whiriwhiri Ariā Pūkaha

Engineering Concept Consultation

A consulting option before lodging an environmental planning pre-application meeting or resource consent application.

We understand that some resource consent applications can be complex and require input from our engineering teams. Tauranga City Council now offers the opportunity to consult with our experienced Environmental Planning, Infrastructure and Transport Engineering teams. 
This could provide valuable guidance and assistance before formally submitting your resource consent application, potentially reducing RFI’s and reduce resource consent processing time.

What is an Engineering Concept Consultation?

It is an informal and non-binding discussion between you and our team of engineers. It aims to address any concerns or questions and identify potential challenges or opportunities associated with your project. These discussions are typically held early, even before finalising your resource consent application documents. It is a proactive step that can save you time, effort, and resources in the long run.

Benefits of an Engineering Concept Consultation:

  • Early guidance: Our engineers can provide feasibility to the option you provide relevant to your project. This early guidance helps you align your proposal with the council’s expectations, potentially reducing the likelihood of extensive revisions later.
  • Identifying critical issues: During the consultation, we can identify any significant issues needing special attention in your application. This allows you to address potential challenges upfront and develop a more robust resource consent proposal.
  • Streamlined process: By discussing your project before you apply for resource consent, you can save time during the formal application process. You’ll have a clearer understanding of the requirements and can submit a more comprehensive and complete application, reducing the chances of requests for additional information.
  • Collaborative approach: By engaging early with us, we can establish a collaborative working relationship, enhancing communication and understanding between all parties involved. 

Service fees:

It’s essential to note that this service is a paid service, with fees determined by the hourly rate of the engineers involved in the consultation. The fee structure ensures that our expert team can dedicate the necessary time and resources to provide you with thorough and valuable guidance.

How to request an Engineering Concept Consultation:

Requesting a consultation with our Engineering teams is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  • Contact us: Contact our Account Management team via phone or email to express your interest in a consultation with our engineers, specifying which engineers you would like to consult with.
  • Provide basic project details: Provide a concept drawing, location, scale, nature of your project and what you are proposing. This allows our team to prepare relevant feedback or information to provide during the consultation.
  • Prepare and provide questions: Prepare any questions or concerns about development engineering, council assets, traffic, and road safety matters relating to your project. Providing us with these questions upfront will ensure that all relevant topics are covered during your consultation.
  • Consultation: The Account Management team will guide you through the scheduling process and provide any necessary information beforehand. Depending on the complexity of your project, the consultation may be held over Teams or in person at the Council offices. On the day, our team will discuss your project, address your questions, and provide clarity on your proposal to help you move forward confidently. 

An Engineering Concept Consultation is a valuable tool to ensure your project’s success while navigating the regulatory process. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and contribute to the sustainable development of our beautiful city.

For any enquiries or to engage in an Engineering Concept Consultation, please get in touch with our Account Management team:

Contact us:

Deidre Ewart – Key Account Manager
Email: deidre.ewart@tauranga.govt.nz
Phone: 027 203 5935

Terri Teasdale – Account Manager
Email: terri.teasdale@tauranga.govt.nz
Phone: 027 201 3434

Amelia King – Account Manager
Email: amelia.king@tauranga.govt.nz
Phone: 027 865 0095

Disclaimer: The information provided during the Engineering Concept Consultation is informal and non-binding. It does not guarantee approval of the subsequent resource consent application, as each application will be evaluated based on its individual merits and compliance with relevant regulations and policies.

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