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Ngā uara pānga me ngā hokotanga hōu

Property values and recent sales

Citywide valuations are completed every three years and this information is available online. You can also access sales information for properties sold since the revaluation.

The most recent city-wide review of rating valuations was completed in March 2024 and was based on the property sales market at 1 May 2023. The next rating valuation will be in 2026.

Revaluation 2023

The property values and sales map shows the sales and land values for properties throughout the city. You can access the map directly below or use the property search to find a particular property, then select the view property valuations and sales link to view the map.

Property values and sales maps

Property search

The map shows:

  • the value of your property and surrounding properties
  • sales information from 1 July 2021 to 1 May 2023  used to model the new values
  • sales since the revaluation date of 1 May 2023 - select ‘2023 sales onwards’ in the layer list to the left.

You can select a property and view its value. If a property has a house icon and a $ sign this indicates a property sale since the previous revaluation date 1 July 2021 or the current revaluation date 1 May 2023.

A property sale that happened before 1 July 2021 is compared to its old value and a sale after 1 May 2023 is compared to its new value. This allows to see how the market is trending after the revaluations date.

A red house icon represents a hot market meaning the property sold for above capital value (CV) at the time and a blue icon means it sold below CV.

You can view information about the sale, including sale date, gross sale price, net sale price, current rating valuation and percentage change from revaluation.

Often there are hot and cold spots in the same street and suburb. The valuers are able to analyse this information to get an idea of the property trends during the revaluation planning stage. They use information from real estate sales to build their model for the mass market revaluation.

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