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Request a review of your property’s valuation

Homeowners can request a review of their rating valuation if they have made improvements to their property, or think their valuation doesn’t accurately reflect the rateable value of their homes.

You can do this easily through Opteon’s objection portal. If you'd rather fill in a paper form, you can download one at the bottom of this page or pick one up from our customer service centre at He Puna Manawa, 21 Devonport Road.

The current rateable value is based on the property market at 1 July 2021.

There are several types of review that you can request, based on the situation you are in. Some are free while others are not, and they follow different timeframes.

Request a review now

Here are the different types of review you can request:

You’ve made an improvement to your property – request a maintenance review or object to your maintenance review

If you’ve made changes to your property, this could change your property’s rating value, so you may want to get your valuation updated. Did the work require a consent?

After non-consented improvements

If you have completed work that doesn’t require a consent (i.e. that council doesn’t know about) but that may have added value to your property, you can request a maintenance review of your valuation, at no charge.

Typical non-consented improvements that would trigger a valuation review include:

  • House modernisation – particularly the renovation of kitchens, bathrooms or en-suites
  • Window joinery replacement
  • Decking or large patio (non-consented)
  • Significant retaining or levelling
  • Major landscaping, including new concrete/paved driveways
  • Solar water or power.

Minor work or day-to-day upkeep that is unlikely to trigger a valuation review include:

  • New carpets, curtains, drapes or light fittings
  • Home maintenance, painting, decorating and any replacement plumbing or electrical work
  • Minor improvements e.g. heat pumps, HRV systems, solid fuel heaters, fencing or garden sheds
  • New tenant fit-out for commercial properties.

Opteon will complete a review of your property's value within three months of receiving your request. We will then send you an updated valuation notice, which you can object to through the same process if required.

How: Email rates@tauranga.govt.nz You’ll need to provide the reason for the review, what you feel the rateable value should be, and pictures of improvements you’ve made.

Opteon will respond to you directly and schedule an inspection if it's needed. In most cases, no appointment will be made and a valuer will visit and leave a calling card if you are not at home.

After consented improvements

If you have made improvements on your property that required a building or resource consent (including a subdivision), Opteon will automatically conduct a review of your property's value within three months of the completion of works. You do not need to do anything. We will then send you a revised valuation.

If in turn you disagree with the new values, you can object to this at no charge until the date advised on your new notice, normally 30 days.

How: Email government.nz@opteonsolutions.com, Opteon will respond to you directly.

You haven’t made any improvements but think your valuation is wrong – request a Section 16 review

You can request a rating review at any time under Section 16 of the Valuation Act 1998. If you haven’t made any improvements to your property but you think the values are wrong and you want to get them amended straight away, this is the process for you.

Values are assessed as at the date of the last general revaluation to preserve uniformity with existing rating values of comparable properties. They do not represent current market value.

A Section 16 review is at the cost of the ratepayer. Valuers Opteon will contact you within two weeks of receiving your request to provide a quote, and once accepted, arrange a time to visit your property. The cost of the inspection will be directly payable to Opteon. Please note, there is no guarantee that the valuation will change and payment must be made before any values or information is released.

How: Email rates@tauranga.govt.nz You’ll need to provide the reason for the review.

Cost of section 16 for Residential reviews start from $350 + GST.

Please do not complete an application form for a non-residential property. For a Section 16 review of a commercial property please email your request to objections@tauranga.govt.nz and we will forward to Opteon for a section 16 review quotation.

You want to update other information we hold about your property

There is a variety of information about your property on the district valuation roll – things like the size of your house, the quality of landscaping, the materials your house is made of or the view you have. This information is available online, through the property search.

You can make corrections online to this information, at no charge. Depending on the changes you make, this may or may not trigger a review your property’s valuation.

How: Email government.nz@opteonsolutions.com, Opteon will respond to you directly.

The ultimate objection

If you have requested any of the valuation reviews above, objected to the new values you received as a result, and still disagree with them after they’ve been reviewed a second time, you can lodge an ultimate objection to the Land Valuation Tribunal within 20 working days of receiving the last review.

What happens if my valuation changes?

The new valuations are used to calculate rates from 1 July 2022 onwards. If your new valuation changes as a result of an objection, this will be reflected in your rates for the current financial year depending on the type of objection.

Pdf request form

If you’d rather fill in a paper form than make your request online, you can download one below. Return your completed form to us at rates@tauranga.govt.nz, via post at Private Bag 12022 Tauranga 3143, or drop it off at our customer service centre at He Puna Manawa, 21 Devonport Road.

Property valuations PDF
Make an objection after a city wide revaluation (69kb pdf)
Request a Section 16 rating valuation review (86kb pdf)

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