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Tā tātou whakapai i a Tauranga

How we’re keeping Tauranga beautiful

Doing more

We’re trialling new solar-powered compactor rubbish bins (‘SMART bins’) that can fit three times as much rubbish as a normal rubbish bin along Pilot Bay.

The new SMART bins also have a sensor inside that lets us know when they need to be emptied, meaning we won’t need to check them as often. Plus, they will have ‘odour mask’ inside them to reduce any smells from rubbish staying in the bin for long periods of time.

The new bins are also fully enclosed which will reduce the risk of litter blowing into the harbour, and they have a foot pedal allowing hands-free use.

We’re hoping these new bins will help keep our city beautiful as well as save our city money if they prove to be as efficient for us as they have been in other towns and cities around New Zealand.

The trial will last for 12 months and we will share the results of it with our community, along with any next steps we propose taking.

Smart bin at Pilot Bay

Smart bin at Pilot Bay

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