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Ngā kai o aku ipupara

What goes into my bins?

Find out what goes into your rubbish, recycling, food scraps and glass bin.

Service update

From the 1 February, Tauranga residents will no longer be able to put any lids, caps or aerosol cans in your yellow-lidded recycling bins. 

This is because the government has introduced standardised recycling for all kerbside collections across the country – to help make recycling consistent, regardless of where you are in New Zealand and to reduce unnecessary waste going to landfill.

Weekly collection. For fruit, vegetables, cooked food, meat, fish, coffee grounds etc
Glass bin.  Fortnightly collection with yellow recycling bin and food scrap bin.  For glass bottles and jars
Recycling bin.  Fortnightly collection alternating with rubbish.  For plastics, tins, cans, paper, and cardboard
Rubbish bin.  Fortnightly collection alternating with recycling.  For items that cannot be reused, recycled, or donated.

As part of our kerbside collection service, Tauranga households have been provided with bins for food scraps, glass, recycling and rubbish. Those who have opted into garden waste collections will also receive a garden waste bin.

Please note that each bin has a weight limit, if your bin is too heavy we may not be able to collect your bin. Rubbish, recycling and garden waste bins have a weight limit of 40kgs, food scraps bins have a weight limit of 14kgs and the glass bin is 10kgs.

Kerbside collections information brochure (1.6mb pdf)
Comprehensive bin guide (550kb pdf)
Collection calendar week 1 and 2 (429kb pdf)
Garden waste brochure (348kb pdf)
Garden waste calendar week 1 and 2 (305kb pdf)
Quick guide - English (687kb pdf)

Translated kerbside brochures

Quick guide - Mandarin (796kb pdf) Quick guide - Punjabi (1mb pdf)
Quick guide - Samoan (697kb pdf) Quick guide - Spanish (690kb pdf)
Quick guide - Te Reo (699kb pdf) Quick guide - Tongan (697kb pdf)

Food scraps (your small green bin)

Max weight: 14 kgs

Yes No
Fruit and vegetables Bags or bin liners (including plastic, compostable and biodegradable bags/liners)
Bread and dairy Cling film
Cooked food and leftovers Fruit stickers
Egg and seafood shells Tea bags
Coffee grounds Liquids
Indoor cut flowers Animal waste
Meat, fish and bones Compostable packaging
Plain brown paper bag  

Recycling (your yellow lidded wheelie bin)

Max weight: 40 kgs

Yes No
Paper and cardboard (no paper towels, tissues, or shredded paper) Plastic bottles and containers numbered three, four, six and seven
Plastic bottles, trays and containers numbered one, two and five (may be written as 1 or 01, 2 or 02, and 5 or 05) Soft plastics e.g. plastic bags
Tins and cans (metal and aluminium) Compostable items
  Coffee takeaway cups/lids
  Milk and juice cartons e.g. UHT milk cartons, almond milk cartons
  Shredded paper

Glass bottle and jars (your blue crate)

Max weight: 10 kgs

Yes No
Glass bottles Broken glass
Glass jars Light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  Medicine or vape ware
  Perfume bottles
  Cookware or drinking glasses
  Windows or mirrors

Rubbish (your red lidded wheelie bin)

For anything that can’t be reused, recycled or composted

Max weight: 40 kgs

Broken bottles/glass
Wet wipes
Soft plastics e.g. plastic bags and cling film

Garden Waste, opt-in only (your green lidded wheelie bin)

 Max weight: 40 kgs 

Yes No (put me in the rubbish bin) No (take me to the transfer station)
Grass clippings (mix me with other garden waste to ensure the load is light enough for collection) Bags or bin liners (including plastic, compostable and biodegradable bags/liners) Soil
Leaves Flax, bamboo, pampas Rocks
Plants Palm or cabbage tree leaves Tree trunks
Small branches and twigs Compostable packaging  
Weeds Animal waste  


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