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Community workshops

We support and promote community programmes that help Tauranga send less waste to landfill.

Waste Free Parenting and Food Lovers Masterclass workshops

Waste Free with Kate presents two waste minimisation workshops.

  • The Food Lovers Masterclass focuses on reducing food waste by looking at correct storage, meal planning tips and fun recipes to turn scraps into delicious meals for the family.
  • The Waste Free Parenting workshop is catered towards new (and existing) parents and provides attendees with two free reusable nappies as well as many other waste free goodies. The workshop covers how to use cloth nappies, the best nappies for your baby, and many other tips on waste free options for parents.

These workshops all have a minimal ticket charge of $25 with the remainder covered by Tauranga City Council.

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Love Food Hate Waste

Tauranga City Council is proud to be part of the national Love Food Hate Waste NZ campaign which aims to inspire and enable people to waste less food. For practical tips on how to reduce your own food waste and save money visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Our food waste problem

Household Worm Composting

The council run worm farming workshops are currently on hold. The Sustainability and Waste team may look at running more workshops in the future depending on demand. If you would like to be placed on the notification list for any future workshops please email sustainability.waste@tauranga.govt.nz with your details. 

In the mean time you can start your own worm farm by buying one second hand or even building your own. 

Check out these resources on worm farming, composting and bokashi to learn how to start your own home composting system.

More information on general composting


Tauranga City Council is partnering with RE:MOBILE, a recycling programme that provides New Zealanders with a thoughtful and environmentally friendly disposal option for their unwanted mobile handsets and accessories. Part of the profits go to charity.

Collected phones are either sent overseas to be sold and reused (if they’re working), or they’re taken apart and recycled in Japan. Batteries, chargers and accessories are sent for breakdown both in NZ and overseas, and component materials are recovered and reused. A few tips: remove the SIM and memory cards first. Batteries can remain in the handset. All phones will be wiped before being assessed for suitability for reuse or recycling. Visit www.remobile.org.nz for more information.

Collection bins are available at Council’s Willow Street service centre and either of our resource recovery parks at Te Maunga or Maleme Street; also via cardboard collection boxes at our libraries in the city centre, Greerton, Papamoa or the Mount.

Last Reviewed: 25/01/2022

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