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School waste programmes

We offer free classroom education and practical support to help schools and preschools minimise waste to landfill.

Resource Wise Schools

Sustainable Business Network - Awards finalist 2019

Resource Wise Schools is a free programme available for all educational establishments within Tauranga e.g. early childhood centres, and primary, intermediate, and high schools. 

The programme consists of five stages for participants to work through: Fantail, Tui, Kiwi, Kokako and Moa. 

Participants are provided with support and education to achieve each stage, as well as recognition for achieving each stage.

In order to gain access to the full suite of support available (listed below), schools must first attend a Resource Wise Schools – Introductory Workshop, which will help schools determine whether the programme is the right fit for their school. Support available includes:

Annual waste audits:

A Resource Wise Schools Advisor will be available to:

  • conduct a waste audit to determine what your school is sending to landfill and diverting from landfill;
  • write a report to summarise the findings from the waste audit and develop an action plan to further minimise waste to landfill; and
  • provide one-on-one support to minimise waste to landfill (based on audit findings) e.g. worm farms, compost bins, signage, presentations to staff and students and nappy trials.

Classroom Waste Education (Zero Waste Education):

A Resource Wise Schools Educator will be available to:

  • deliver classroom education to pre-schoolers aged 3 to 5 and for students in Years 1 to 8;
  • tailor lessons and topics to suit the specific needs of the school; and
  • provide pre and post resources for classroom teachers.

The programme is designed to complement other environmental initiatives such as:

Join the Resource Wise Programme

For more information or to book the classroom education lessons, visit the Zero waste education website.

Resource Wise Schools brochure (580kb pdf)


Paper4trees provides free classroom and office recycling bins for students and staff to recycle paper and cardboard. Schools andpreschools are then rewarded with native trees for their paper and cardboard recycling efforts. 

The programme is managed and delivered by the Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust. Please note that schools andpreschools are responsible for organising their own recycling service through a private contractor.

Helpful resources

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Measuring change

Last Reviewed: 09/05/2022

Want to discuss further?

Resource Recovery Coordinator
Email: sustainability.waste@tauranga.govt.nz

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