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Hinonga pūtea rauemi hapori mātau

Resource Wise Community Fund supported projects

Learn about the 2023 Resource Wise Community Fund recipients who are helping Tauranga send less to landfill.

One Earth Technologies 

“Our goal is simple - use plastic waste to make new things and clean up the planet”.

To support the company that uses exclusively recycled plastics to create new, recyclable products.

Visit Special Studio for more information

Mount Maunganui Toy Library

“Grow Through Play”

To purchase new, long-lasting toys to add to their Toy Library at Mount Maunganui. 

Visit the Mount Maunganui Toy Library website

Reuse Aotearoa

“We are an independent organisation dedicated to building the momentum and capability to scale reusable packaging systems in Aotearoa”.

To support reusable packaging that is good for both people and planet becomes the go-to packaging option for everyday items in Aotearoa.

Visit Reuse Aotearoa for more information

Stem Wana Trus

To support Tauranga ‘s repair café monthly pop up event where members from the community can bring items to be repaired for free, as an alternative of being disposed to landfill.

Visit Stem Wanna Trust for more information

Sustainable Options 

“To visit every home and provide free sustainable living advice”

To support Sustainable Options to divert building materials from landfill, through responsible repurposing of materials and onsite education to tradesman.

Visit Sustainable Options for more information


“Transforming textile waste”

To support sustainable fashion that will divert textile waste from landfill.

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