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Tūnga pāhikara ki te Pōka Pū

City Centre bike parking

Where to park your bike in Tauranga city centre.

As part of the revitalisation of Tauranga’s city centre, we are on a journey to a future that supports a more sustainable range of transport choices, like cycling, where people of all ages and abilities can move safely and freely around the city.

Covered and secure bike parking in the city centre:

  • A covered and secure bike parking facility is available at 28 Grey Street.
  • This facility has capacity for up to 78 bikes or scooters, is indoor and monitored via CCTV.
  • There is a small cost of $1 a day to use this facility, this helps contribute to the cost of managing the facility.
  • Users can gain access by registering via the Basestation website.
  • You can access the bike parking Monday - Friday, between 5am and 10pm.

There are a number of bike parking facilities for people using bikes and scooters. Two covered bike shelters (called Bikebox) are now available for the community to use, located on The Strand opposite Hamilton St and at 1 Devonport Road. Each bike shelter will fit 10 bikes and provide weather protection.

The below map shows where the existing on-street bike stands are in the city centre. The number shown is the number of bike stands and each bike stand can hold two bikes.

Bike stands in Tauranga city centre

Note: due to construction some of these bike stands may be temporarily removed. Last updated March 2023.

Bike parking map

Additional bike parking is coming in 2024:

  • Undercover public bike parking will be available at Thirty Eight Elizabeth (from early 2024) and at the new 35 Hamilton Street commercial centre (from mid-2024).
  • There will be 20 bike parks with part shelter at 160-176 Devonport Road from mid 2024

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