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Whakaaetanga tūnga waka

Parking space permits

Please note that we have changed our parking and construction permit procedures.

From 1 September 2022 – Parking Space Permits will no longer be available for people working in the city who need to park in an on-street space for longer than the posted permitted time.

Parking Space Permits (PSP) cover all applications for the use of parking spaces in Tauranga City.  Generally, spaces must be for one of the following purposes:  

  • Skip Bin (up to 5 days per month, not permanent). Must be fenced with safety fencing and road cones which have white retro-reflective tape or bands.
  • Encroachment – where the construction zone encroaches onto the footpath or road; or where pedestrians are to be diverted into parking spaces. Corridor Access process to be followed as temporary traffic management will be required.
  • Road maintenance and Events – Corridor Access process to be followed as temporary traffic management will be required.

In general, parking space permits are not available for promotional, advertorial, or commercial purposes unless prior approval has been granted by Council. This approval requires an application to be submitted at least three weeks before the space is required.

Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis under the following criteria:

  • The parking space/s must be for one of the purposes outlined above.
  • Need not want – meaning that all other options have been considered and there is no other practical way for the work to be undertaken without the use of a parking space/s.
  • The amount of time each parking space is required is clearly defined and reasonable.
  • Details of how the parking space will be identified for its sole purpose must be provided with the application i.e., cones and cone bars, signage (and proposed wording), safety fencing, hoarding, scaffolding.

Payment of parks is determined by the parking space you will be occupying. If the space you will be occupying is a paid or time restricted parking space there may be a cost per day for each parking space. For more information about fees, please visit our web page on parking fees.  In some cases, there may not be a fee. This will be at the discretion of the Corridor Access team - and determined as part of the review process. In order to obtain a parking space permit, the applicant must:

  • Fill in a Parking Space Permit application form
    Parking space application (114kb pdf)
  • Determine the timeframe – There are two options for selecting how long you need a parking space:
    • Short term occupation (5 days or less): 
      • If your application is successful, approval will be emailed to the applicant.
      • If payment is required, proof of payment will need to be emailed to the Corridor Access team before a permit is issued. For more information visit our Parking fees page
        Parking fees
      • A copy of the approved permit must be held onsite when the site is active and shown to any Council officer on request.
    • Long term occupation (more than 5 days) – and part of CAR process:
      • At the request of the applicant or Council a site visit may be required.
      • The applicant must submit the approved Parking Space Permit application form through the Corridor Access Request (CAR) system.
        Corridor Access Request (CAR) system   
      • A copy of the approved CAR including Work Access Permit (WAP) and application form must be held onsite at all times.
      • The permit is reviewed on a monthly basis for the first three months then on an ‘as required’ basis at the discretion of the Corridor Access team.  
      • For Long Term permits there is the option to set up an account for pre-payment of the parking spaces if chargeable, for up to one month in advance.
      • At the end of each permit period, application for an extension must be made five days in advance of the expiry date to retain the parking space.
  • Email the application to: Corridor.Access@tauranga.govt.nz. Please allow up to 5 days for processing.
  • The permit documentation must be made available when requested by any Council staff member with identification.

When applying for the occupation of parking spaces you will need the following:

  • Parking Space Permit application form
  • Map highlighting the parking space/s being requested
  • Payment method – either by EFTPOS, cash or account – with purchase order number as required by your own company practices, if applicable.

Other important information:

  • Permits do not reserve permit holders a parking space. The permit holder is responsible for reserving the parking space and must have at least one of the following options: signs, road cones, cone-bars and/or approved safety fencing to mark the reserved area.
  • If your application includes the removal of a mobility park, please allow six weeks for your application as a replacement mobility park will need to be installed nearby.
  • An infringement notice may be issued if a permit is altered, photocopied or has expired.

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