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T400 Whatunga tūnuku

T400 Transportation network

Combined Transportation Network Section (7.4mb pdf)

T400 Road Hierarchy (977kb pdf)
T405 Turning Areas (237kb pdf)
T406 Tee Intersection Details (162kb pdf)
T410 Swept Path Design - 90% Car (101kb pdf)
T411 Swept Path Design - Minimum Truck (103kb pdf)
T412 Swept Path Design - 90% Semi Trailer (102kb pdf)
T413 Swept Path Design - Maximum Legal 'B' Train (95kb pdf)
T414 Intersection Sight Distances (149kb pdf)
T415 Entranceway Sight Distances (261kb pdf)
T416 Entranceway Distance From Intersections (218kb pdf)
T420 Subsoil Drain For Kerbs (234kb pdf)
T421  Kerb and Channel (722kb pdf)
T422 Kerb and Nib for Traffic Island (1017kb pdf)
T423 Precast Traffic Islands (299kb pdf)
T424 Dished Channel (196kb pdf)
T425 Recessed Sump (1359kb pdf)
T426 Alternative Sump (Special Approval Only) (233kb pdf)
T427 Drop Structure (810kb pdf)
T430 Vehicle Entrance: Vehicle Crossing Location (168kb pdf)
T431 Urban Vehicle Crossing (340kb pdf)
T432 Vehicle Crossing Profiles (185kb pdf)
T433 Rural Vehicle Entrance (180kb pdf)
T434 Rural Privateway Passing Bay (63kb pdf)
T440 Berm Features - Pathway Kerb Crossing (139kb pdf)
T442 Berm Features - Cyclestands (144kb pdf)
T443 Culvert Marker (100kb pdf)
T450 Parking Dimensions (153kb pdf)
T460 Carriageway Trench Reinstatement (389kb pdf)
T470 Transportation - Pedestrian Cycle Accessway (3mb pdf)
T471 Transportation - Private Way (2.2mb pdf)


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