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Kōkiritanga ki Te Papa

Te Papa next steps

The Te Papa Spatial Plan was adopted on 13 October 2020. Implementing the recommendations will commence through the Long Term Plan and projects already underway.

Key focus areas/projects between 2020 to 2024

  • Implementing city plan changes to enable growth within Te Papa.
  • Ongoing discussions and planning with key government agencies and stakeholders in relation to housing regeneration within the peninsula, particularly around Gate Pā/Pukehinahina and Merivale.
  • Working with other agencies and partners to facilitate exemplar projects that demonstrate the design principles and their desired social and environmental outcomes.
  • Completion of the System Operating Framework (as part of the Tauranga System Plan) for Tauranga, assisting to inform the next series of transport planning for the city and Te Papa.
  • Planning for and delivery of key transport infrastructure to link with wider city (particularly Tauriko) through Cameron Road Multimodal Project Stage 1 (including implementation), city centre interventions and Cameron Road Multimodal Project Stage 2 (planning).
  • Planning for city centre and Gate Pā/Pukehinahina and developing a roadmap for standard interventions, to support growth within these areas, including multimodal transport and social infrastructure investment.
  • Supporting open space and cultural planning and investment.
  • Continued transport demand management and public transport real-time infrastructure improvements.

Find more details in the implementation plan as part of the spatial plan, page 56 and following.

Te Papa Spatial Plan (4.7mb pdf)

It is important to understand that growth will be gradual and will be supported by appropriate investment over time to ensure a good quality of life for communities and to attract new residents to the area.  

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