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Te Papa - tāhuhu hinonga

Te Papa peninsula - project background

Together we've developed a plan to support growth within the Te Papa peninsula. We’re also working on changing the city plan rules to enable this future.

The Te Papa Plan provides a coordinated and integrated approach to:  

  • The way we move around (transport)
  • Where we live (urban form)
  • Where we work (economy)
  • Where we play (open space, community facilities)
  • How we are supported (health, social services, commercial activity education)
  • Who we are (culture, identify).

A coordinated and integrated approach such as the Te Papa Plan will assist in more efficient use of resources, including infrastructure, the way we move around, and how we live. In turn, this will reduce costs to the community and individuals, as well as providing potential for better use of time and healthier living.

The work to inform the plan included:

  • Planning for the public amenities, infrastructure and community initiatives needed to support a larger population, to be funded through the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan and subsequent Long Term Plans
  • Looking at where in the peninsula it would make sense to enable greater housing density
  • Changing the rules to give people the choice to build more varied types of homes like townhouses and duplexes and mid-rise apartment buildings in areas where they are supported by appropriate amenities
  • Fostering private investment and development in the area.

Why Te Papa?

The Te Papa peninsula, from the city centre through to Greerton, including Gate Pa, Merivale, and the Avenues, is well placed to support the growth of our city. It already has existing infrastructure, a range of services and activities, significant employment hubs and schools, a mix of housing and is relatively resilient to natural hazards. The Te Papa Spatial Plan responds to the growth challenge and national direction by providing opportunity for more housing choice within suitable areas, while making it easier for us to move around and access daily needs such as where we work and where we play. 

Enabling more people to live in Te Papa makes good use of these existing investments.

Te Papa Penisula map

Within Te Papa peninsula there are:

Te Papa graphic

The Te Papa Plan is only one of many projects that helps us to plan for the future of Tauranga. By working together, we can collectively deliver better outcomes on this growth journey.

Relationship to other projects

The plan is strongly linked to several other projects including the Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI) and Tauranga City’s Plan Change 26 for Housing Choice. Together, UFTI, the Te Papa Plan and the Plan Changes (rezoning land) are laying out the pathway for the sustainable growth of our city, including working with central government and other partners to enable the infrastructure and funding we need now and in the future. 

Other projects currently underway that will influence the Te Papa Plan include a review of the City Centre Strategy and a community facilities needs analysis which looks at future requirements for libraries, community centres, swimming pools and indoor recreation centres.  

Project relationships

Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI)

UFTI is focussed on supporting liveable community outcomes in the Western Bay of Plenty – finding answers for housing capacity and choice, multi-modal transport (such as public transport and cycleways) and network capacity. UFTI provides a long-term, integrated masterplan for urban development and transport that is fully aligned with the Government’s new transport policy statement and urban growth agenda. Within the UFTI context and direction, Te Papa is identified as a key growth area and gateway to the city centre. 

Plan Change 26 – Housing Choice

Plan Change 26 is focused on ensuring we have enough homes for people to live in and a variety of housing types to accommodate our changing population. It proposes to make changes to Council’s Suburban Residential, City Living and Commercial zones within our city plan to allow people to build a variety of more compact types of homes in Tauranga, like duplexes, terraced houses, townhouses and apartments. It will build upon and assist to implement the outcomes outlined within the Te Papa Plan.

Cameron Road Short Term Multi Modal Project

Planning for short-term improvements (0-10 years) along Cameron Road from the city centre (Harington Street) to Tauranga Hospital (17th Avenue) is underway. The main aim is to provide our community with alternative ways to get around the city, instead of relying mainly on cars. This work takes into consideration the outcomes and proposed ideas to date identified as part of the Te Papa project.

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