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Mount Programme

Hinonga ki Mauao

Mount projects

Mount Maunganui has grown rapidly and there are several projects underway or planned to start soon.

Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan

Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan

Earlier this year we asked our community what they love about the Mount to Arataki area, and what matters most as we plan for the future. Now we need your help to finalise a plan for this much-loved area that will set the direction for the next 30 years.

Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan


Mount Maunganui is steeped in history and has been cherished for generations, from the original inhabitants of the area to people from all around the globe. The mauri of this whenua and the reverence and stature in which it is held will continue to be respected. From this basis we can shape the future to accommodate the needs and aspirations of our community now, and for future generations. 

There’s no doubt the Mount Maunganui area is getting busier and we’re getting busier too, improving roads and making them safer, building better infrastructure for cycling, public transport, and pedestrians, and upgrading parks, facilities, and public spaces for everyone’s enjoyment now and in the future.

We will work alongside our partners including tangata whenua, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana, Sport Bay of Plenty, Priority One and Tourism Bay of Plenty; and together with our community to seek input on a range of projects. We have heard a lot of feedback about the Mount area but continuing to capture a wider range of views will help us build on what we already understand and give us a clearer picture of the community’s wants and needs. 

This year we are setting out to create a 30-year plan and overall vision for where the Mount to Arataki area is heading. Later this year the community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft plan.

We are also getting ready to have a conversation with the community about some other important issues, including how we manage parking for the area and planning for natural hazards, flood prevention and impacts of climate change.

It’s all about balance. There will be changes but we will respect where we’ve come from and what people love about the Mount while focusing on the practical needs of our community, supporting business and industry, and enhancing our natural environment.  

Ongoing and future projects in Mount Maunganui

For more specific information on a project please use the links below. This section will be updated regularly. To be put in touch with a project team for more information, please contact mountprojects@tauranga.govt.nz 

Roading, road safety, active travel, public transport, and parking 

In Mount Maunganui we simply don’t have the space to expand roads to cater for growth and single occupancy vehicle use. Instead, we need to work with our partners to move people and goods more efficiently and reliably along the transport routes we do have. This means providing travel alternatives to cars, such as public transport, cycling, walking and other modes of travel. 

There is some catching up to do but there are a lot of projects already underway to provide essential infrastructure. We know this causes disruptions, but we need to take action to do what’s necessary now, while continuing to plan for the future.  


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Contact us

Contact the project team for more information
email: mountprojects@tauranga.govt.nz 

Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan Webinar

Latest news



The Government is making some changes to housing rules that will change what you can do on your property. Your neighbourhood may change too, over time. In a nutshell, people will be able to build more on their residential sections without needing sign-off from council, or approval from neighbours.

Like all major cities, we’re in the thick of a housing crisis. We’re short of homes, and there’s little choice in the type and size of dwellings we can live in. To help address these issues, Tauranga needs to grow up as well as out, and we’ve been given strict direction from the Government to enable this.

Natural hazards

Recent weather events have reminded us how important it is to plan and prepare for the effects of natural hazards and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

By working together and being resourceful and innovative we can build a safer, more resilient community and prepare for challenges like changing sea levels, weather patterns and intense rainfall.

Emergency management 

We are working with the Mount Industrial Zone facilities and other emergency response agencies to identify hazardous facilities and asses their vulnerability to natural hazards to assist in creating a regionally coordinated emergency response. 
We will also release new tsunami evacuation zone maps for the area as part of a Regional Tsunami Ready programme to create consistency across the Bay of Plenty. 


We are working on a plan to ensure that industrial land in the Mount Maunganui area meets the future economic, environmental, and social needs of our city.

The Mount industrial area is the largest industrial area in Tauranga and is important for our economy in servicing the Port of Tauranga and businesses across the Upper North Island. It provides a freight gateway to the world.

However, some activities can cause effects on the environment and people which needs to be managed, and businesses themselves need to grow and provide jobs for our community. Understanding what everyone’s aspirations are for the area and what it will look like in 2053 will help us get to where we need to.

You can share your thoughts on the Mount industrial area via the Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan

Community facilities, reserves, open spaces, and sports fields

We want Mount Maunganui to have well planned public places with spaces for people to connect, enjoy, play and be active. 

Banks Ave

It’s all about balance.

There will be changes but we will respect where we’ve come from and what people love about the Mount while focusing on the practical needs of our community, supporting business and industry, and enhancing our natural environment

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