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Moving forward in Arataki

We want to make it safer and easier for more people to bus and bike between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road.

A lot of people (including students), travel through Arataki. It is important to make it as safe and easy as possible for all of these people to move around. 

From December 2018 the Bay of Plenty Regional Council has started to provide more frequent bus services in the area. To help make these bus trips more reliable and facilitate traffic flow a bus lane has become operational on Links Avenue in early 2019. 

Also, we are in the final stages of detailed design for the separated bike paths along with some intersection upgrades.


We consulted with the local community about the plans for Arataki between February and August 2018, and in October and November 2018. Consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback.

A report on the project was received by the Transport Committee on 8 October. There was a Council resolution made at this meeting to endorse the implementation of the project but that further consultation be undertaken with residents of Grenada Street. This additional consultation process was completed and reported to the full Council on 20 November. At this meeting it was confirmed that the Grenada Street Cycleway aspect of the project should be implemented in line with the rest of the project.

Transport Committee meeting 8 October 2018 (DC309, pages 16-66 of agenda)
Council meeting 20 November 2018 (DC365, pages 207-221 of agenda)

Below is a summary of the recommendations to be implemented for the project:

  • Interim bus clearway between 7:15am and 10:00am (Monday to Friday) along the south side of Links Avenue from Golf Road to Links Avenue Reserve, and south side of Grenada Street between Girven Road and Kaimanawa Street. Upgrade existing bus stop opposite Kaimanawa Street. The need for a clearway will be re-assessed once the SH2 improvement works have been completed and travel behaviours in the area begin to normalise.
  • Improvements to the existing walking and cycling connections through Links Avenue area from Ascott Road to Concord Ave.
  • Double roundabout at the intersection of Links Avenue, Concord Avenue and Farm Street, and the installation of a signalised intersection at the Girven Road and Marlin Street.
  • A new shared cycle and pedestrian path through Arataki Park from Monowai Street to Girven Road and secure cycle parking facility in Arataki Park to link in with new bicycle pump track.
  • Separated cycleway on Golf Road and Grenada Street.

Next steps

  • Council will prepare a detailed design of the trial bus lane for Grenada Street and Links Avenue, and an off-road bike path through Arataki Park. This will include signalisation of the Marlin Street and Girven Road intersection, and improved bike facilities through the Links Avenue area.
  • In 2020 construction will begin of the trial bus lane on a small section of Grenada Street, the off-road bike path through Arataki Park and the improvements in connection between Ascott Road and Concord Ave. Council will prepare a detailed design of the separated bike lanes on Golf Road and Grenada Street.
  • Early 2021 when construction of Baylink is completed, Council will do a full re-assessment of facilities.
  • If the interim Grenada Street and Links Ave bus lanes are considered successful, there is a possibility that they could be made permanent. The bus lanes will be monitored and a decision made after Baylink has opened in late 2021 once we have seen how traffic movements change through the local streets. 

Arataki concept map

Arataki concept map (280kb pdf) Arataki concept plan - Beca (1mb pdf)

To help make it safer and easier for people to travel between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road, we have proposed a trial bus lane along part of Grenada Street. This proposal includes a shared bike path through Arataki Park.

Construction in mid-2019:

  • Grenada Street bus lane trial. The bus lane will start next to Arataki Park at Kaimanawa Street. It would continue to the Girven Road intersection.
  • Shared bike path. We’re proposing a new shared bike path through part of Arataki Park to the Marlin Street intersection so students riding and walking to school don’t need to use the road. This would be a permanent addition, not a trial. 
  • Marlin Street/Girven Road intersection upgrade. New traffic lights to make it safer for people walking and biking to cross the road.

To help make it safer and easier for people on buses to travel between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road, we have implemented an interim  bus lane along Links Avenue which we’ll trail during the construction period of the Baylink/SH2 upgrade project. The need for the bus lane will be re-assessed following the completion of the SH upgrade works. As part of this work a  new shared bike path and an upgrade of the Concord/Links Avenue intersection will also be undertaken.

Shared pedestrian and cycle path

A number of safety concerns have been expressed by parents of the local schools since the bus lanes became operational on Links Avenue in early 2019. Council staff have spent a considerable amount of time observing driver, cyclist, and pedestrian behaviour in the area. The following recommendations have been made and have been completed:

  • A new formal pedestrian crossing outside Mount Intermediate School.
  • A new 2.5 metre wide shared pedestrian/cycle path between Ascot Road and Mount Intermediate School.

These measures will address the issues raised in the early stages of this significant transformational transportation project. Other elements of this wider Arataki project are to be delivered throughout 2019, all of which are designed to improve road safety and encourage more people to walk, bus and cycle to school or work, or just for pleasure.

One of our projects to help make it safer and easier for people to travel between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road is a new bus stop in Farm Street. The bus stop at the front entrance of the Bayfair Shopping Centre was closed on 20 June 2018 for Bayfair’s expansion upgrade, so we’ve built a temporary bus stop on Farm Street to give people a safe place to get on and off the bus.

The plan for the Farm Street bus stop was audited by traffic safety experts. All of their recommendations were either followed or addressed to make sure the temporary bus stop will be as safe as possible for everyone who moves through that area.

The front entrance of Bayfair Shopping Centre is an unsuitable long-term location for the type of bus interchange that‘s going to be needed to support the expanding bus service. This means that the bus stop will not go back to this location after the upgrade of Bayfair.

On Thursday 21 November, we are organising a drop-in session to update the Arataki community on the progress on transport plans for the area. The session will be held between 4:30-6:00pm at the Tauranga City AFC on Links Avenue.

Topics on the agenda include:

  • The Arataki bus facility
  • Plans for making it safer and easier for people to bus, bike and walk in the area
  • Crossing options on Maunganui Road
  • Looking to the future of Arataki

As a result of community feedback and suggestions at the first drop-in session in July, a number of short and long-term actions are currently being considered and some implemented. During this second session, council will share the status of these actions.

As well as receiving updates, it is also an opportunity for the community to share any thoughts and ideas on how to make Arataki a more enjoyable place to live, work, travel and play. Additionally, it is an occasion for people meet some of the new Council members and to talk with representatives from Bay of Plenty Regional Council, NZ Police, the NZ Transport Agency and Tauranga City Council.

When: Thursday, 21 November 2019
Time: 4.30pm to 6pm
Location: 130 Links Avenue, Mount Maunganui
Parking: Available beside Tauranga City AFC

Last Reviewed: 15/11/2019


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