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Moving forward in Arataki

We want to make it safer and easier for more people to bus and bike between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road.

A lot of people actively travel through Arataki each day. The increased vehicle traffic on the local roads caused by impacts from the B2B/SH2 improvement works poses a challenge in this space. 

Between Golf Road and Sandhurst Drive, council has approved plans to deliver transport infrastructure that will improve the safety, convenience, and journey times for people walking, biking, using mobility scooters, and taking the bus. The list of works, some of which have already been installed, are as follows:


  • A morning peak bus clearway along the south side of Links Avenue from Golf Road to Links Avenue Reserve. Hours of operation for the bus clearway are between 7.30am until 10am.
  • A new pedestrian crossing on Links Avenue outside Mount Maunganui Intermediate School.
  • A widening and extension of the shared path on the north side of Links Avenue from Golf Road to Ascot Ave.

In progress

  • Implementing a travel behaviour and safety education campaign to support the physical infrastructure improvements (this will be ongoing).
  • Improvement of walking/cycling connections in the alleyways between Solway Place / Berescourt Place and Compton Place / Berwick Place (expected completion Dec 2019).


  • Installation of a double mini-roundabout, the widening of footpaths, and pedestrian/cycle zebra crossings at the intersection of Links Avenue, Concord Avenue, and Farm Street. 
  • A separated cycleway trial on both sides of Golf Road from Oceanbeach Road to Links Avenue. 
  • A bus clearway on the south side of Grenada Street between Girven Road and Kaimanawa Street. Hours of operation will be between 7.30am and 10am. 
  • Installation of a signalised intersection at the Girven Road and Marlin Street intersection.
  • A new shared cycle and pedestrian path through Arataki Park from Monowai Street to Girven Road. This work will be aligned with the plans for the pump track in Arataki Park.
  • Upgrading the existing bus stop on the south side on Grenada Street, opposite Kaimanawa Street.
  • Installation of a separated cycleway trial along Grenada Street from Arataki Park to Sandhurst Drive.

Relationship to other projects in Arataki

The investigation of the St John site on Girven Road as a potential location for the Arataki bus facility and also cycle route options assessment activities commencing in December 2019 have meant preparations for some components not yet completed are paused until results from those investigations can be analysed against current designs.  The matters currently paused include:

  • Grenada Street cycleway trial
  • Arataki Park shared path
  • Marlin/Girven intersection signalization.

The remaining parts of the project do not have any significant risks associated with outcomes of either investigation, and current status updates are provided in the sections below.

More information about separate projects

To help make it safer and easier for people on buses to travel between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road, we have implemented an interim bus lane along Links Avenue which we’ll trial during the construction period of the Baylink/SH2 upgrade project. The need for the bus lane will be re-assessed following the completion of the SH upgrade works. As part of this work a new shared bike path and an upgrade of the Concord/Links Avenue intersection will also be undertaken.

Shared pedestrian and cycle path

A number of safety concerns have been expressed by parents of the local schools since the bus lanes became operational on Links Avenue in early 2019. Council staff have spent a considerable amount of time observing driver, cyclist, and pedestrian behaviour in the area. The following recommendations have been made and have been completed:

  • A new pedestrian crossing outside Mount Intermediate School.
  • A new 2.5-metre-wide shared pedestrian/cycle path between Ascot Road and Mount Intermediate School.

These measures will address the issues raised in the early stages of this significant transformational transportation project. Other elements of this wider Arataki project are to be delivered throughout 2020, all of which are designed to improve road safety and encourage more people to walk, bus and cycle to school or work, or just for pleasure.

Construction on the intersection of Links Avenue, Concord Avenue and Farm Street is planned to start on Monday 6 January 2020. Works are expected to take approximately 3 weeks – weather dependent. The plans include: two small roundabouts and a number of shared crossings as well as widening of footpaths .

During works road closures will be in place and bus stops on Links Avenue will be temporarily relocated. We will do our best to finish before the end of the school holidays, but in the case that it does take longer we will work to avoid disruptions during peak times. 

This work primarily focuses on improving the crossing areas at the staggered intersection of Links Avenue, Concord Avenue and Farm Street and to make it safer and easier to use by cyclists, pedestrians and other ‘vulnerable’ road users. 

We will be introducing shared paths and shared crossings around the intersection area. These crossings are new to Tauranga.  People on bikes will not have to dismount while using this crossing facility. All users must look to see if vehicles are stopping before crossing.

Two temporary mountable roundabouts are to be installed while discussions with Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) occur about potential opportunities for bus routing changes at the intersection. 

This project will help to lower speed in the area and improve safety for people on foot and bikes. It is not aimed at promoting traffic flow.

Concept design for Farm, Links and Concord intersection

Concept  Design for Farm Street, Links Avenue, Concord Avenue Intersection (372kb pdf)

To minimise community impacts, construction will commence in early 2020 within the school holiday period. Engagement with affected residents and communications with the wider community will begin once a start date is determined.

Detailed design work continues and minor changes are being introduced in line with the road safety audit recommendations. It is envisaged that this work will go out for tender in the early 2020. Engagement with locally residents and communications with the wider community will occur.

A revision of the detailed design plans is in progress to incorporate minor changes in line with the road safety audit recommendations. Planning for tender and community engagement will be incorporated with Golf Road Cycleway trial project.

Arataki bus facility

One of the key projects to make it safer and easier for people to travel through Arataki, is the Arataki Bus facility. The aim of this facility will be to provide a safe, attractive and functional space for people to access public transport and for buses to be able to turn around without having to loop around local streets.

Temporary stops were installed on Farm Street following the closure of the bus stops in the Bayfair car park (on the SH2 side of the Mall) in June 2018. Whilst measures to improve safety and functionality have been implemented in line with safety audits and operational reviews, the existing facility is not functioning well for residents, bus users, or for the bus operator. 

Council has reviewed a number of potential locations in the area and is now looking at two sites in more detail. Both potential facilities are located off-street, one off Farm Street using Bayfair-owned land, and one off Girven Road using land in Arataki Park that is currently occupied by St. John ambulance. Once the feasibility of both proposals has been assessed, we will be engaging with the local community, schools, businesses, bus users and other stakeholders ahead of progressing any more detailed proposals. 

Reports on this topic can be found:

Council agenda - Arataki area bus facility assessment  (Report 1: Page 44-115)

Council agenda part 2 - Consideration of Girven Road as an option for the Arataki Bus Facility (Report: Page 116-129)

Council agenda part 3 - Consideration of Girven Road as an option for the Arataki Bus Facility (Report: Page 130-144)

Last Reviewed: 20/12/2019


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