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T500 Stormwater

Combined Stormwater Section (12.6 mb pdf)

(please note due to the size of the file you may have problems downloading the document)

T501 Manhole - Standard (331kb pdf)
T502 Manhole - Shallow (149kb pdf)
T503 Manhole - Ladder and Steps (158kb pdf)
T504 Manhole - Precast 1050mmØ Lid (113kb pdf)
T505 Manhole - Entry Fixing (2.64kb pdf)
T506 Manhole - Standard and Raised Access Detail (188kb pdf)
T507 Manhole - Inclined Access Detail (1.9mb pdf)
T514 Manhole - Access Detail in Carriageway (162kb pdf)
T520 Rodding Eye - Shallow < 2.5m (1.6mb pdf)
T521 Rodding Eye - Deep > 2.5m (428kb pdf)
T523 Inlet and Outlet Structure (368kb pdf)
T524 Outlet Structure - Danger Sign (327kb pdf)
T525 Yard Sump (185kb pdf)
T530 Property Connection - Standard  (289kb pdf)
T531 Property Connection - Depth > 2.5m (225kb pdf)
T532 Property Connection Within Property (143kb pdf)
T533 Property Connection Outside Property (161kb pdf)
T534 Entry to Stormwater Main/Manhole (191kb pdf)
T535 Kerb Connection (162kb pdf)
T536 Stormwater Downpipe Syphons (Residential Sites Only) (150kb pdf)
T537 Lateral Connection - Single Connection to Manhole (101kb pdf)
T538 Lateral Connection - Two or More Connections to Manhole (108kb pdf)
T539 Lateral Connection - Single Connection to Main (92kb pdf)
T540 Lateral Connection - Two Connections to Main (93kb pdf)
T541 Lateral Connection - Two Adjacent Connections to Main (92kb pdf)
T542 Lateral Connection - Rear Lot Connection (99kb pdf)
T543 Mains Connection - Saddle Connection (91kb pdf)
T550 Subsoil Drain (95kb pdf)
T551 Bedding and Backfill Details (346 kbpdf)
T552 Anti-Scour Block and Trenchstop (382kb pdf)
T553 Close Proximity - Building Near Public Mains (186kb pdf)
T554 Close Proximity - Retaining Wall Restrictions (163kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 06/12/2017

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