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Additional security measures

We are aware that some customers are having issues making payments online. This is due to Visa and Mastercard now enforcing two-factor authentication on all payments in order to increase security.

If you are having issues making an online payment, please contact your bank.

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Mobile shops

If you would like to trade in a public place you are required to apply to council for a mobile shop licence, unless you only intend to trade as part of an organised market or event.

Mobile shops are vehicles from which goods, not services, are offered for sale. Mobile shops selling food and beverages must also have a registered food control plan or national programme. Council will monitor activities in public places regularly to ensure compliance of licence conditions.

Mobile shop forms PDF Word
Application for a mobile shop licence (220kb pdf) (175kb word)
Power box booking form - Marine Parade/Mount Drury (87kb pdf) -
Power box booking form - Kulim Park (87kb pdf) -

Mobile shops selling food

If you are establishing a new mobile shop or taking over an existing one you will need to register a Food Control Plan or National Programme under the Food Act 2014 (this is in addition to any application for a mobile shop licence in a public place).

Registering a food business

Mobile shop trading areas

Mobile shops can trade at a number of locations across the city under different restrictions. Refer to the mobile shops policy below.

The rules for operating on Marine Parade vary depending on the time of year and the location along the road. Each year council invites mobile shops to tender for a license to trade on Marine Parade, between Grace Avenue and Pacific Avenue, over the summer period. There is a limited number of these licenses (this is not the same as the tender for the temporary traders licence for summer activities).

No trading is allowed at any time on Marine Parade between Adams Avenue and Grace Avenue, or between Pacific Avenue and Banks Avenue. 

Mobile vendors wishing to use power can apply to council on a first come, first serve basis.

Operation of Mobile Shops Policy (38kb pdf)

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