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Pou tarāwaho pūtea hinonga

Event funding framework

events funding

Events can connect and inspire communities, whilst also providing tangible economic benefits.

Fund update:

Please note the Event Funding Framework is currently under review and changes will take effect from July 2024. Updates will be provided to the industry in due course.

The purpose of our event funding framework is to deliver on this aspiration by providing financial support to events that champion our event funding values and priorities.

Values and priorities

Our values are integral guiding principles of the event funding framework, and our priorities highlight our current strategic focus areas. Make sure you review these before applying as all events will be measured against these criteria.

Values and priorities

Event funds

The event funding framework consists of five event funds. We aim to provide a balance of event activity across our portfolio of funded events, to ensure that residents can enjoy a wide range of sporting, performing arts, cultural events and more. Learn about the funding criteria and the application process below.

Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund

Planning a community-driven event that needs funding to make it happen? Our new joint event fund may be the answer!

Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund

Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund

The Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund supports recurring events that celebrate Māoritanga (Māori culture) in Tauranga Moana.

Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund

Event Support Fund

This is an intermediary step between our  Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund and the Major Event Fund, supporting a wide range of general events across the city.

Event Support Fund

Major Event Fund

Our fund for events that drive economic growth and attract significant visitation and tourism. Major events will showcase Tauranga as a premiere event destination and an exciting place to live, work, play and visit.

Major Event Fund

Legacy Event Fund

This fund is designed to provide ongoing financial support to events that have proven longevity and are important to the cultural and social identity of Tauranga.

Legacy Event Fund

We don’t generally fund events that

  • don’t champion our event funding values or priorities
  • are already funded through another Tauranga City Council fund
  • are run by individuals. We will only grant funding to a legal entity/organisation
  • are commercial ventures seeking significant profit
  • take place prior to an event funding decision being made
  • are primarily political, protests or for the purpose of religious persuasion
  • are primarily for the purpose of fundraising or may transfer funding to another party
  • are private functions, meetings, conventions etc. Private is defined as any event where the general public aren’t able to attend or purchase tickets
  • are markets, expos, stand-alone installations or exhibitions, or for repayment of debt
  • are for research, feasibility or evaluation of events outside of the event itself
  • support business as usual operations, general salaries, rents or other overhead costs except as a proportion of the total event costs
  • support repairs/maintenance and capex projects outside of an event
  • request more than 50 percent of the event's total event expenses
  • have outstanding debt with Tauranga City Council
  • have breached previous funding agreements with Tauranga City Council, including post-event reporting requirements and where no commitment has been made to rectify this
  • occur outside of Tauranga City boundaries with the exception of TECT All Terrain Park and McLaren Falls and applications. to the Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund.

Example of a successful community grant application

Please note, this example covers all event funds which have similar application forms.

Indian Ink
What the grant supported

Indian Ink is one of New Zealand’s most successful theatre companies. Alongside a whanau of multi-talented artists, Indian Ink creates vibrant, fresh, culturally diverse theatre that combines artful storytelling, mischievous wit and theatrical magic in way that celebrates our differences but connects us through our shared humanity. This truly unique style promotes community and fosters empathy in audiences across cultures. They applied for funding to support their Indian play ‘Dirty Work: An Ode to Joy’ at the Baycourt Community and Art Centre.

View example application (165kb pdf)

Events we’ve supported

Since the inception of the event funding framework in July 2018, we have funded a broad range of events across the city.

Event Funding Framework Grants 2022-23 (157kb pdf)
Event Funding Framework Grants 2021-22 (27kb pdf)  Event Funding Framework Grants 2020-21 (58kb pdf) 
Event Funding Framework Grants 2019-20 (188kb pdf) 
Event Funding Framework Grants 2018-19 (166kb pdf)

Other funds

We also have the Community Development Match Fund which is specifically designed to financially support community groups and initiatives.

Please carefully consider which fund you apply to as each event can only receive approval through one council fund.

Community Development Match Fund

There are a number of other funding providers in the Bay of Plenty region that you could potentially approach to support your event as well.

Alternate Funding Groups (115kb pdf)

Contact information

Contact us at eventfunding@tauranga.govt.nz if you would like to discuss your event opportunity in more detail.

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