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Event funding framework

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We aim to connect the amazing social and economic benefits of events to the strategic vision of our growing city.

The purpose of our event funding framework is to deliver on this aspiration by providing financial support to events that champion our event funding values and priorities.


The following values are integral guiding principles of the event funding framework. We expect events supported by the event funding framework to demonstrate all values to some degree, relevant to the size, scale and nature of the event. Our funding decisions are heavily weighted towards these principles and we recommend that all applicants take the time to meaningfully address these areas in their application.

Events that deliver a safe environment for participants and spectators.

We are committed to promoting good health and safety practices at events held in Tauranga to ensure that everyone has a positive experience and returns home safely to their whanau.

Event organisers are responsible for planning and managing risk at their event(s) by taking all reasonably practicable steps to deliver a healthy and safe event environment for participants, spectators and event staff.

We are here to support event organisers in developing a plan to deliver a safe event. Please consult our event health and safety guidelines to understand our expectations.

Event health and safety guidelines

Events that encourage social inclusiveness and accessibility for our diverse communities.

To ensure a higher standard of living for all, our residents need to feel a sense of civic pride and belonging.

We will support event organisers that take positive steps towards making their event more accessible and socially inclusive for our diverse community.

Event organisers should give consideration to creating opportunities that, among other things:

  • empower and inspire youth
  • are age-friendly
  • celebrate cultural diversity
  • welcome migrants and newcomers to our city, and/or
  • reduce social and physical barriers that prevent people with impairments from participating.

Events that demonstrate the importance of protecting and enhancing our natural environment.

We aspire to ensure a balance between a growing city and a healthy natural environment.

Our environment is the foundation of our city. It is imperative that event organisers consider the impact events have on our natural systems and surroundings, and manage environmental risks accordingly.

No matter the size or scale of the event, event organisers will need to take into account the following environmental considerations when planning and delivering their event:

  • resource recovery and waste minimisation, including waste generated by the event and its spectators/participants (e.g. prizes/giveaways, packaging, goody bags etc.)
  • the role of public transport (e.g. can you encourage alternative transport options that reduce the reliance on private vehicle use?)
  • wastewater run off (e.g. have you considered where your wastewater is going?)
  • fresh water supply (e.g. have you considered where your water supply is coming from?)
  • protecting the natural environment (e.g. how does your event impact on the land, marine and coastal areas? How does your event effect air quality and the atmosphere?)
  • noise management (e.g. how does the noise generated by your event impact on local residents and businesses?).

We have some valuable resources available in relation to event waste management. 

Event waste management


The following priorities are the current strategic focus areas for the event funding framework. Events are required to measurably demonstrate one or more of these priorities. Our funding decisions are heavily weighted towards our priorities (and values) and we recommend that all applicants take the time to meaningfully address these areas in their application.

We are committed to celebrating our diverse cultural identities and fostering the creative arts to enhance the wellbeing of our community. We support events that provide access to, and participation in, arts and culture and clearly deliver on any of the goals outlined on page 10 of the ‘Toi Moana – Arts and Culture Strategy’. 

Arts and culture strategy

As our city grows and changes, we want to improve the lives of everyone in our community and ensure that no one is left behind. We support events that activate areas of high deprivation and engage with our communities of need. These communities are Arataki, Gate Pa, Greerton, Kairua, Matapihi and Merivale.

Arataki (1.9mb pdf) Gate Pa (1.9mb pdf) Greerton (2.0mb pdf) Kairua (1.7mb pdf) 
Matapihi (1.6mb pdf) 
Merivale (1.8mb pdf)

Tauranga boasts a natural environment that encourages healthy living, wellness and physical activity. We support events that motivate residents and visitors to be active, live well and showcase the value of leading a healthy lifestyle.

We value the strong whanaungatanga we have with tangata whenua and recognise the importance of nurturing Māoritanga principles.

We are interested in supporting events that are driven by tangata whenua, promote and share tikanga Māori, and/or bring awareness to events of historical significance for Tauranga Moana Māori.

To ensure a sustainable approach to the way we manage our natural resources, we encourage event organisers to consider staging events in one of our designated priority parks. The priority parks initiative aims to create a balance of activity across all of Tauranga’s beautiful parks and reserves, and minimise the risk of fatigue and overuse of our popular outdoor spaces.

During the 2018/2019 funding period, events that occur in the following parks and reserves (priority parks) will be more likely to qualify for funding than events that take place in other outdoor locations: Caslani Reserve, Koikoi Reserve, Marine Park, Papamoa Beach 1 (near the Pony Club), Simpson Reserve and Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka.

Caslani Reserve (2.3mb pdf) Koikoi Reserve (2.5mb pdf) Papamoa Beach Reserve (2.5mb pdf)
Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka (2.2mb pdf) Marine Park (2.4mb pdf) Simpson Reserve (2.4mb pdf)

What sets Tauranga apart from the rest of Aotearoa and creates a strong sense of place and pride for its residents?

We are interested in funding events that celebrate our city’s unique identity – be it our growing culture of innovation and collaboration, our iconic natural features and landscapes, our unique built environment or any of the creative people living here doing amazing things that leverage our distinctive regional strengths.

Great cities have vibrant city centres. Increased event activity in the heart of our city provides opportunities for our community to come together, enjoy and take pride in our central civic spaces, while supporting the local business economy. 

We support events that inspire people to live, work, learn and play in our city centre. The city centre is defined as between Fourth Avenue to the south and Marsh Street to the north, and between Takitimu Drive to the west and the harbour to the east.

Event funds

The event funding framework consists of four event funds. Learn about the funding criteria, timeframes and the application process.

Fund Update: Please note that the Community Event Fund, Event Support Fund and Major Event Fund budgets have been exhausted for the 2018/2019 financial year and these funds are now closed.  We will continue to accept applications for events that occur from 1 July 2019 onwards.

For alternative funding enquiries we suggest you look over councils Community Development Match Fund to see if your event fits within their funding criteria. 

Our fund for community-focused and/or community-led events that deliver good social outcomes for our diverse communities and encourage civic pride.

Community event fund

This is an intermediary step between our community event fund and the major event fund, supporting a wide range of general event activity and initiatives across the city. 

Event support fund

This fund is designed to provide ongoing financial support to events that have proven longevity and are important to the cultural and social identity of Tauranga.

Legacy event fund

Our fund for events that drive economic growth and attract significant visitation and tourism. Major events will showcase Tauranga as a premiere event destination and an exciting place to live, work, play and visit.

Major event fund

Last Reviewed: 19/03/2019

Related information

We have other grants and sponsorship options available, specifically for community groups and initiatives. We recommend that you also look over the criteria of the funds below to understand all available options. 

Community Development Match Fund

Contact information

Contact the event development team if you would like to discuss the funding of your event in more detail.


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