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Stewart Trust and Carruthers Trust funds

Tauranga City Council is the trustee for the Stewart Trust and Carruthers Trust funds. Community organisations can make applications to these funds. 

In 2018, approximately $157,000 is available for distribution. Applications are being accepted from 24 April to 25 May 2018.

How to apply

Download and complete the application form electronically as it is a fillable PDF. Please do not print, handwrite and scan your application. Email the completed form and all other requested documentation to debbie.currin@tauranga.govt.nz.

Application form (354kb pdf)

Tauranga City Council’s Community Development Match Fund committee will assess the applications and decide how the funding will be allocated. This will occur in June 2018. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within two months of the closing date. 

Who can apply

Eligibility is restricted to community organisations. In order to be eligible for assistance, community organisations must:

  • provide evidence of the organisation’s legal status;
  • satisfy Council of their ability to adequately manage finances and provide quality service delivery;
  • be able to show that any funds previously received from the Stewart Trust and/or Carruthers Trust were used for the purposes requested;
  • demonstrate how the service or activity for which the funds will be applied address a need in the community;
  • identify the specific outcomes of the service or project;
  • specify the period for which the service or project will occur; and
  • identify how the achievement of outcome will be measured.

Priority will be given to services or projects that:

  • contribute to the community’s social wellbeing, and/or
  • engage in partnership arrangements, so as to avoid duplication of services or projects, to encourage more efficient use of resources.

In all circumstances, Council retains the right to determine whether a service or project merits financial assistance. 

What the funds can be used for

Stewart Trust

Must be used for the relief of poverty. Poverty is a condition where a person, in the opinion of Council, does not have essential items such as food, housing, heating, clothing, and doctor’s visits.

Carruthers Trust

Must be used for providing essential maintenance to houses predominately occupied by aged or needy persons. Aged is defined as a person or their spouse who is 60 years or older, and needy is defined as a person, who in the opinion of Council, has been unable to obtain (rent/own) or furnish homes suitable for their basic needs by reasonable use of their own resources. 

Funds for either Trusts can only be used within the Tauranga City Council area. 

Types of assistance available

  • Grants;
  • Loan guarantees; or
  • Loans.

Stewart Trust and Carruthers Trust Funds Policy (kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 24/04/2018

Want to discuss further?

Please email Debbie Currin or phone 07 577 7000. 


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