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Hanga i runga i te whenua Māori

Building on Māori land

If you are planning to build on Māori land there are several things you need to consider.

Do you need resource consent?

Your building may need resource consent depending on the type of development and land zoning. The Tauranga City Plan sets out the rules for land use and subdivision activities in Tauranga. Contact Council’s duty planner at the start of your project to find out whether you need resource consent.

Building consent

You will need a building consent for your building. If you also need resource consent you can apply for your building consent at the same time so they can be processed together.

Do you have evidence of the right to build on the land?

For the building consent you will need to provide us with information about your site to be able to build on Māori land. You also need to provide either a licence to occupy (given by the trustees), an occupation order or a Hapu Partition (issued by the Māori Land Court).

Development contributions

If you receive approval to build you will be required to pay development contributions and financial contributions when your building consent is issued. These are contributions towards the cost to Council of building infrastructure to accommodate growth within Tauranga City.

Grant for DIFs for Papakāinga Housing

The purpose of the Papakāinga Housing Grant is to reduce the cost of the city-wide development contributions for housing on Māori Land.

Development Contributions Grants Papakāinga Housing Policy (266kb pdf)

To be eligible for the grant, the development must be:

  • On Māori Land (as defined by Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993)
  • For housing
  • Not for primarily commercial purposes
  • Within Tauranga City Council boundaries

Apply for a Papakāinga Housing Grant

For help with making your application contact Tuana Kuka: takawaenga@tauranga.govt.nz

Papakāinga toolkit

The toolkit for Papakāinga development, Te Keteparaha mo ngā Papakāinga, also has information on the Māori Land Court processes that you may find helpful. The toolkit is available from Council’s customer service centre or you can view it on the Western Bay of Plenty District Council website

Te-Keteparaha-Mo-Nga-Papakāinga - Māori Housing Toolkit

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